relationships impact every area of lifeRelationships  impact  every  area  of  our  lives.  If  we  want  to  succeed  in  this  world,  we  must  be  able  to  create  meaningful  and  lasting  relationships.  Everyone  longs  to  have  rewarding  personal  relationships: enjoyable  friendships,  a  deep  and  committed  love,  sustaining  and  supportive  bonds  with  our  kids  and  family.

We  also  need  successful  professional  relationships.  We  desire  connection;  we  even  try  to  work  at  them,  but  relationships  are  not  always  fulfilling,  satisfying  or  going  well.  Unfortunately,  we  often  settle  for  average.

We  muddle  through:  more  roommates  than  romance  with  our  spouse,  our  kids  have  more  interactions  with  their  Smartphones  than  with  us  and  sometimes  we  are  too  tired  to  care.  Our  friendships  feel  “surfacey,”  our  extended  family  communicates  only  when  there  is  a  crisis,  and  our  business  relationships  are  more  transactional  than  creative  and  synergistic…  Does  this  sound  familiar?

Have  you  settled  for  average  when  what  you  really  want  is  awesome  or  at  least  better  relationships?

Are you  aware  of  how  mediocre,  difficult,  tension-­‐filled,  lonely  relationships  significantly  impact  every  area  of  your  life?

We  are  emotional  beings.  Even  though  we  try  to  be  logical  and  rational,  our  emotions  and  feelings  intrude,  especially  those  related  to  our  relationships,  and  spill  over  into  all  aspects  of  our  lives.

Take  a  moment  to  think  about  a  time  when  you  were  happy,  content,  or  had  enjoyed  some  positive  aspects  in  a  relationship.

How  did  the  rest  of  your  day  go?  Were  you  in  a  better  mood?

I  imagine  your  outlook  was  more  positive:  car  windows  down,  radio  on,  traffic  on  the  commute  wasn’t  a  big  deal,  work  hassles  didn’t  bug  you;  your  day  just  went  smoothly.  Maybe  your  good  mood  extended  into  confidence  that  helped  you  land  a  big  client,  have  patience  with  your  teen,  or  give  you  extra  energy  for  your  spouse.

Relationships impact our life in ways we are often unaware of as our day unfolds.

See if you can pay more attention to their impact in the big and little ways, then share your insights and experiences below.

excerpt from Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!


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