this speaks to me today…


“Shared life is a way of being present to another person so that another person can be present to you. It’s a quality of being, of living. A sharing attitude makes room inside of you so that others can crawl in and you can crawl out into them. You become touched and touchable, supporting and supportable. A Christian home is one with the doors open, and a Christian community of any form has doors open and swinging both ways. There’s life moving in and life moving out. I could summarize Jesus’ most radical teaching as a call to “universal table fellowship” (see with whom he eats, whom he invites to the banquet, and then you will know why they killed him!). Don’t tell people to come to our church or to come to hear Father preach. Ask them to come over for supper. That’s more real and natural. Talk to them over the back fence. We hope our life is good news. When our neighbors see our unity and our good news, maybe then they’ll say, I’d like to come celebrate and worship with you.”

Richard Rohr, The Spiritual Family and the Natural Family

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