colored-pencils-179167_640One of most important and yet often most difficult components of parenting school age children is dealing with the homework hassle. Take the time to talk with your kids about your expectations.

Listen to their ideas. Should homework be done right after school, or do they need play time? What is their learning style? Do they need some down time or do they want to get it done, and then play/relax? Have you set a designated place for homework.

Often, I would do my paperwork or read at the kitchen table while they did their homework. It is amazing what you her by just being around your kids. Tales of school, their thoughts and reactions in the midst of homework time.

Early in the school year, discuss your expectations for them. Be realistic about their capabilities, and then stretch them a bit more. Doing homework is not an option. Too often I hear of parents doing it for their kids to escape the hassle of “helping.” Please don’t do this.

Homework teaches kids discipline, follow through and teachability. They can struggle through an assignment, withy our support, but if you take over, not only will they let you, they won’t learn the important life lessons that accompany homework.

You can take the hassle out of homework as well as teach important lessons and skills, by being present and engaged with them.


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