Actionable tips from Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event Speakers

    We’ve all been there… sitting at an event and wondering when the speaker will finish rather than being drawn in and learning from them.  This was NOT the case at Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event.   Mike graciously shared the stage with 6 speakers who imparted wisdom and actionable tips from their... Read more »


Creating a Haven of Peace with Joanne Miller on The Better Relationship Podcast

Being married is challenging. Add being married to an entrepreneur and the difficulties and challenges grow exponentially. With candor, honesty, and humor, my friend, Joanne Miller talks business, bankruptcy, and blessings in the midst of raising babies and growing a strong marriage, while intentionally Creating a Haven of Peace. Joanne Miller, is an artist, speaker, blogger,... Read more »


The Better Relationship Podcast w/ Bob Burg

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #030 How the Go Giver Adds Value w/ Bob Burg  Bob Burg has enjoyed years of international business success by living the principles discussed in his book, ‘The Go-Giver’. Bob Burg talks today with Susie Miller, The Better Relationship Coach, about the link between success, happiness, and the ability to cultivate... Read more »