reserve your seat- hassle free holidaysAre you Anxious about the Holidays?

Do you wonder “What happened to the Real Meaning of Christmas??”

Are your thoughts swirling? —

How will I handle all the things on my list?

Cook, clean, shop, be slammin and witty at parties after a long day at work?

My kids have a list a mile long! What on earth is the right gift? and When will I have time to shop?

How about the excess?  How will I manage my money? I don’t want to have Credit card crisis in January!!

I can feel the Family tension building!  and the relatives haven’t arrived. What will we talk about? Will my dad drink too much?  And I am worn out from the arguing with my unhappy teen about holiday travel arguments, unhappy teens,

What will I wear to the parties?  How will l lose 5 pounds before tomorrow nights work party?

What about the extra 10 pounds I don’t want to gain, but wine, cookies, stuffing and rich food keeps me from thinking or feeling my emotions…

 and Grief… there isn’t a lot of room for grief at the holidays.  How do I tell my friends I don’t feel like celebrating?

I don’t know about you, but that list makes me tired and want to hide until January 5th!

But I am here to tell you, the  holidays don’t have to filled with hassles!  They can be sane, with time to savor moments, make memories and even be fun instead of frenzied and frustrating!

After years of getting it wrong- I learned a few things…

Join me for a FREE teleseminar – 5 Secrets for Hassle Free Holidays! by Safeguarding  your Sanity and Savoring  Christmas!

There will be a replay link if you can’t make the live call! 

Please share this with your friends!  Help Save their Sanity & Savor Christmas!!

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