higs and lowsInstead of sitting in silence, struggling for something meaningful to talk, or simply exchanging data about kids, carpools and crises – this one simple Conversation Starter will help you and your spouse discover more about one another!

Do this EVERY Day and you will reconnect, rekindle and reignite the feelings of falling in love all over again.

Share your High & Low for the day!

  • What was a High event or moment of your day -and why?
  • What was a Low event or moment of your day – and why?

We did this as a couple, on a walk or at dinner time and it helped give me more insight and understanding to my quieter spouse.  I learned new things about John as he opened up and shared.  (And I learned ot wait patiently and really listen.)

Sometimes this fueled deeper and longer conversations, sometimes it was just a quick check in.  BUT either way we were more connected and close just doing this 1 Simple Thing every Day!

We did this as a family, at the dinner table, in the car (it was fun with other kids during carpool too) and it made a huge difference in the way we connected as a family.  Taking time to really listen and engae in the “stuff” of each others days!


Try it and Let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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