on a hill-brightenedWhat do you do when you feel alone?  not the good alone – of restorative and restful time apart- but the alone of left, abandoned, unseen?

Have you been there?  You know those times when your relationships feel distant. strained, preoccupied or clumsy?  Or when you really need to share your heart and there isn’t room to do so?

We can be in the middle of a crowd of people, even friends and yet feel totally alone.  And it feels awful.

Sometimes, we leave, emotionally detach or physically make an exit, sometimes we numb the pain of aloneness with food, drink, activities, busyness, sometimes we scramble and share anyway desperate for connection.   I have done all of these things and none really provide comfort – but rather a momentarily feeling of relief, that when it passes, I still feel alone.

Can you relate?

Jesus can.  God in the flesh knows what it is to be utterly alone.

I can’t wrap my mind around that.  I struggled after reading todays She Reads Truth Day 35 with what to write.  The image of Jesus in emotional, mental and soulish agony silenced me.

I can’t wrap my mind or heart around Jesus’ choice, because even in those moments of feeling alone, I know deep down that I am never alone… God is with me always.

Big sigh…

God is always with us. We are never alone, no matter what we might feel.

That truth makes the complete aloneness of Jesus unfathomable.

I pause and am undone.

No matter what we are experiencing, struggling with, or even excited about – We are never alone.  God with us- Emmanuel.

How does this truth impact you today?

How can you remind yourself of this truth when your feeling alone?

How have you felt or rested in God’s presence in those alone moments?




3 Responses to “Have you ever felt alone in a crowd of friends?”

  1. Linda

    There are two places in the story of Jesus which humanize him for me. The first is his angry outburst in the temple with the seller and money changers. It was an appropriate response, although out of character. The second was in the Garden of Gethesmane when Jesus went to pray for the last time. He asked his disciples to wait for him while he prayed. He knew what he faced and his disciples knew what he told them would happen. And yet, instead of standing in prayerful vigilance with Jesus, they slept. They left him alone, not just in body, but in spirit. How that must have pained Jesus as he contemplated the agony he knew he would fact in the following twenty four hours.
    I am thankful that I have only experienced that kind of aloneness fleetingly and infrequently in my life. Can I honestly say that it was the knowing that God is always with us that pulled me out of the darkness and back into the light? No, not always. However, I know that, with or without my awareness, God’s loving arms lifted me and healed my bruised heart. He didn’t need me to know, just to be open to healing.
    The deepest pains I have endured have come about as the result of loss–of a marriage, a loved one, a friend, a business, my own self confidence. None were casual losses and the pain didn’t pass quickly, but I always knew it would and I never tried to hold onto it. Maybe that is why the aloneness did not last.

    • Susie Miller

      “I know that, with or without my awareness, God’s loving arms lifted me and healed my bruised heart. He didn’t need me to know, just to be open to healing.” brought tears to my eyes, of memory, grace and healing… thank you.

      For a season, I studied Jesus in the gospels looking for his humanity – laughter, hunger, sorrow, playful, disappointed, angry… all the things we feel. It made Him even more real to me in my walk of faith. I met him first as the Son of God, my Savior and not as Peter, James, Mary did- as a man… fully human just like them, but radically different. And it took them a while to really grasp His divinity so I focused on that to get to know who this Jesus was when he lived and walked among us. doing so made me fall in love with Him even more. I think that is why the loneliness may press in, feeling alone doesn’t last long as He calls me friend.

  2. Jen

    I was just taking an inventory of my relationships the other day. I managed to put them all in a “distant” category for one reason or another… I stay away from her bcz any minute she can turn on me, he really has a bold personality at times, that one I am afraid of disappointing so i can’t disappoint if I am not around or conversing with, and that one can basically steamroll me in seconds and I don’t really like that. So there I was, these are people who are close to me, some blood related, some by marriage but I found myself with no where to turn. And then the thought came into my mind just because of recent posts and scripture readings… God is with me always, I thought to myself and then I almost smiled inside that that thought came to my rescue so quickly. That means two things to me.., in fact I am not alone, I am never alone… and that I am growing in my relationship with my Creator. This post spoke right to me and I hope I can continue on in this journey and the quick rescue of my faith.


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