guideposts- 5 ways improve relationshps Pinch me now! Here is an article, written by ME in Guideposts magazine!! Woo Hoo!!

Free free to Scroll down to the **“official  relationship part” of this post if you want to skip the self absorbed, doing the happy dance, woot- “Can you believe this happened?” part.

I keep waiting to feel like a “real writer!”

I image all the writers I admire waking up and just feel all writer-ish as they head to their office.  I have been writing since I was a girl. (Please God, don’t let anyone find all those journals!)

Seeing my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM… made it REAL and let me change my status from writer to “author.”  But, having your thoughts validated and shared by others is really cool.  I want to be all laid back and low key about it… but guys… THIS is FUN!!  So low key, cool, professional, and composed me is out to lunch!

Okay, enough about me…

Honestly, that little explosion of happy dance to the tune of insecurity actually IS about relationships too.. my relationships with myself – an all other relationships spring from that place- so a good relationships with ourselves is essential.

**Begin here for the “Official Relationship part” of the post:  

5 Ways to Improve Any Relationship! 

ANY Relationship?? You may ask…

  • Kids
  • Spouse or Significant Other
  •  Parents
  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • Coworkers…???

YEP, I think these tips work for all of the above! AND even with:

  • Frenemies
  • Soccer Moms
  • The Church Lady
  • and with ourselves!

Being married for 32 years, having kids 25-29 years old,  4 siblings, and years of working with clients… I have learned a profound truth about relationships:

Relationship’s are just people clumsily trying to figure out how to not be lonely, to feel like they matter, and to make a difference. So all the junk and all the good stuff  apply!

While this is article is geared towards families, I try to use these tips in the other kinds of relationships as well.

Am I clumsy? Yep! And I make a mess more often than not.

When it comes to relationships, just like you, I am

  • courageous
  • chicken
  • pretending it is okay or “doesn’t really hurt”
  • loud
  • angry
  • kind
  • patient
  • and on a HUGE learning curve.

I don’t always apply these ways- just ask the people in my life! Most of these, I have learned by trial and lots of error, alongside sharing the journey with clients, and a few friends who are patient enough to let me learn on them!

Oh how I wish I had known and used more of these tools when my kids were growing up. One of the hardest truths I carry is knowing the messes I made learning on them. (That topic is a whole other post/book/therapy session all-together.)

Thankfully, God is bigger than my mess and can use it for good- this is what I tell myself when the whack a mole bat comes out.  Beating myself up isn’t going to change the past.  Honesty, apologies, forgiveness and trying again are far more effective.  (scarier too… but oh so worth it!)

So… How do you improve your relationships?  If you have any great tips, please teach them to me!!  Which of these 5 ways resonated with you? 

Please share and let’s keep learning together!

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