bread-587597_640Gratitude is not a overused word…

Think about it…do you use it often?  each day?  do you make it a habit to share your thankfulness with those around you?  do you specifically take the time to Thank G-d for all that is good in your life, in the world, in the lives of those you love, in the midst of all that is unfolding…???

We often scorn clichés… but there are nuggets of truth in them, if we pause in our oft misguided arrogance to think and absorb the message… “an attitude of gratitude”  is one i heard recently and actually paused to consider what it would be like to live with one…Every Day!  to focus on the good, the pure, the blessings that abound in my life, rather than than “the lack, the want, the not yet”  and it made a difference.  I walked a little lighter, smiled a bit more and my countenance was brighter!  i do not fear denial, i am too much of a realist (my inner voice challenges) but aren’t blessings and goodness and mercy also reality???

I think about David and his words in the Psalms…every emotion imaginable!  i love this book!  G-d calls it a book of worship!  David sings of G-d’s goodness in tandem with all the hard realities in his life… both exist simutaneously.

So on this day, i am thankful for much…and on those things my mind will dwell today.

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