girl-669823_640If your kids don’t like you…or even Hate you,  YOU are PROBABLY doing a TERRIFIC JOB as a Parent!

Every parent should read this article!   So hang in there, phone a friend, and wear your thickest skin.

With three kids in their mid 20’s now, I PROMISE it gets better and they may eventually thank you for Being their Parent, not their Buddy!

I was just interviewed for a radio show about parenting teenagers and shared this principle I have taught for years and it can make all the difference in the security your kids feel, knowing YOU are stronger than they are!  You CAN Do This!!

It helps to have a few friends who are in the same parenting stage as you are.  Sharing stories and encouragement with folks going though the same thing as you are is priceless!

So hang in their parents… Your kids will come around.  They will eventually realized your saying “no” was the best thing that happened,even if they stormed off, slammed the door, and said you were ruining their lives!


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