This page is for resources and posts to help us dig deeper into God’s word and learn together.

I am so delighted you joined us!  I have walked with God for over 40 years and it never grows old.  It is a life long love affair with the King of Kings!  Is it hard, yes.  Frustrating, confusing, exhilaration and life-giving all at the same time at certain seasons.

Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, come and sit a while.  Lets dig in together, discuss, debate and discern what God  has for us, His Princess Daughters.

This is a safe place, covered in Grace and compassion.  So please comment, encouraging and yes even challenge each other accordingly.  We will pray, support and grow together!

this is one of my favorite pictures of Jesus from when I was a child, so imagine Him gently holding your face and whispering His Truth to you…

Together We Grow,