Rose Hill Designs by Heather StillufsenFriends – good, true, on your side, non-competitive, I’ve got your back- friends – are priceless!

I am talking about – honest, truth-telling, hand-holding, put up with your rough edges, seen you at your worst and loves you still …kind of friends!

They make the journey a bit more gentle and a lot more fun. Friends hold out hope for what is possible when our vision fails.

Do you have those kinds of friends?

This morning’s conversation with hubbie:

      me: “Pray for me today, I’m fighting some demons?”

          him: “oh?”

           me: “Yep, all the lies in my head… they are loud today.”

          him: “okay, just remember not to think too much.”

Of course, I’ll call my bestie later and get some therapy with her! I want to call right now and just dump the jumble of lies racing around my brain so she can help me sort them out…girlfriend style!

But I have learned to first spend some time with God. (And I made a commitment to do so, even when I want to hear a human voice first)

It always helps when I take my heavy heart to Him- I find peace, reassurance and strength even if there are no solutions.  Just being in God’s presence is restful. Sometimes, I go kicking and screaming because I don’t like the realities of life, other times I am anxious for our time together. Either way, he meets me and I am glad I paused to spend time with the One who truly knows me.

Later I will  call my girlfriend for some therapy, perspective and hand holding.
As a therapist turned life coach- I always ask my clients who is walking with them on their journey. Do they have at least one friend supporting them in their goals, bandaging their knees when they fall and on speed dial ready to help when they are tempted to give up!

Who are these people in your life? How have they been “therapy” for you?  Comment below if you have the blessing of a friend like this.   Then take the time to call and thank them.  You just might may their day!


picture from Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen

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