1-blog-dec12You can choose to look away, but you can never say you didn’t know.”

These words by William Wilberforce stopped me in my tracks when I first read them, years ago. I could no longer live without doing something, taking some action to make a difference.  This month that means participating in Dressember to help raise Awareness and Funds to help end Modern Day Slavery.

Yes, you read that right… Slavery Exists Today!

In fact there are 27 Million people in the bondage of slavery-  More than at any other time in human history!  Every 30 seconds someone falls victim to human trafficking and it is often women and children.
I am often overwhelmed at the magnitude & reality of human trafficking.

I wonder if my small somethings can really make a difference…
Then I remember the power of one person taking action- standing up, speaking out… And then the next person coming alongside and then another and another. Pretty soon all our somethings add up to making a Huge Difference!

(Dressember Day 12, 71 degrees in Washington DC, so I am wearing a tank dress, with a skirt overtop, to get away with not wearing tights!)




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