She reads truth day 6Draw near, come close, lean in…spend time with Me, Jesus whispers to us.

No matter what is going on in your heart, mind and life this Monday morning, you can pause and draw near to God. Tired, frazzled, running late? Or up early, ready to take on the day? Maybe somewhere in between…regardless Jesus invites us to come close to Him.

It can be a simple prayer, a hymn running though your mind, a verse recalled and pondered…in the haste of the morning, God waits for us to remember Him, take His hand  and lean into Him, to be with us -right where we are. And throughout the day.

This truth calms my mind when I wake and wonder if I have the strength to face the day, when my heart is anxious, my soul discouraged, my to do list running off the page. This truth sustains me.

When I am filled with wonder, thrilled at the happenings of the day, anticipating meaningful connections and purposeful endeavors, this truth…the call of God to draw near to Him and He will be near, anchors me.

When I choose to draw near, a deep peace seeps in and carries me through the moments…good, bad, challenging, boring, discouraging, exhilarating moments…and my soul finds rest.

“In Him  we live and move and have our being.”This is reality, whether we embrace it ir not.  /So why not live in utter awareness of this truth? Why not find ourselves in Him, no matter what else pulls, distracts, engulfs us today? How would being aware of the nearness of God, every moment of this day,  impact you?

She Reads Truth -Lent 2015-day 6 :




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