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Congrats on taking a step toward understanding yourself and others better!  It ALWAYS helps relationships improve!

  • Can you imagine how many different personality there are and how these impact the way we view and handle life?

  • Can you get excited about having at least 1/3  of all your relationships and communication issues disappear both at home and at work?

  • Can you picture how less stress in your personal AND professional relationships would make your life better?

Well… It is possible and relatively simple to achieve!

  • What if your work relationships improved and your boss was pleased with your management and communication skills with your team?

  • What if as an Entrepreneur you wasted less time managing your team and spent more time on Income Producing Activities

  • What if you came home and didn’t have the hassles of misunderstanding and/or miscommunication with your spouse and family?

  • What if your outcome driven meetings were synergistic and productive?

Are your thinking … that sounds Awesome…


This can happen with ONE Simple Tool:

The DISC Personality Profile

This EASY 24 question personality profile form is a GREAT way to begin to UNDERSTAND and EMBRACE your UNIQUE WONDER Self! 

Can you imagine how much better life would be if we knew how to communicate effectively?

For less than the cost of dinner out and only in 10 minutes, you can find out how you are uniquely wired and begin to create better relationships with this understanding!  

The DISC Personality Profile is non-judgmental and acts as a guide for understanding, discussing and navigating personality differences in both person and professional relationships.

Using this tool with your  team or business will have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of outcome driven meetings and conversations.

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You will get a 25 page report with loads of information to help you:

Understand your Personality Style

Discover the motivational and relational components of your unique personality.

Enjoy Empowering Communication “Do’s and Don’ts” that you can use Immediately!

Identify your Strengths

Understand  your Tendencies in at work, home and in times of stress.

Use an action plan worksheet to improve your interpersonal skills for better relationships!

How long does it take to get your report?

Download your report instantly!

  • Automated, online availability and the results provided within 24-48 for you to download and save.
  • This is all done via your computer, nothing will be physically sent to you!
  • Your unique personality report will provide you with multiple graphs on how you view yourself and how others experience you.
  • Fun components such as a historical character match (are you more like Ghandi or George Washington?), Career Style (see how your personality affects how you are in the workplace), and an Action Plan to help you better communicate with others.

Still not Convinced?

The DISC Personality Profile report can:

 Enhance your Communication Skills

Strengthen your Relationships

Create Connected Couples and Families

 Improve your Workplace Interactions and Dynamics

Build Stronger and More Effective Teams

 Help you Motivate Yourself and Others!



Relationships are the Stuff of Life.  They are our WHY. 

We all want enjoyable and meaningful relationships, but we aren’t always sure how to create them.  And once they begin to get tense, distant, or difficult, we are at a loss to fix them.

The DISC Personality Profile is a NON Threatening and EASY way to not only understand YOURSELF better – BUT IMPROVE your Marriage & Family Relationships too!

In fact, every couple I have worked with and used the DISC Personality Profile has seen at least 1/3 of their issues, conflicts and tension disappear!! AND they have even had some FUN in the process!

PURCHASE YOUR DISC Personality Profile and GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY Improving your Relationships!

Retail Value:  $49.99 now JUST $29.99

Individual DISC Profile:

Claim your DISC Personality Profile Now!

 COUPLES- Please order separately for individual key code  

I believe in the effectiveness of this product, so I also offer a  DISC Debrief Coaching Session: for Deeper Understanding and Application tips, for a deeply discounted rate. (Order in addition to your DISC Profile).

DISC Debrief & Coaching:

45-60 minute for Individual:  Value: $350  Now Just $200

75-90 minutes for Couples: Value $525  Now Just $375

Relationships are the Currency of Today.  The more skilled you are at creating good relationships, the more successful you will be in life and in business!


Hire on skills and abilities, but fire on behaviors.

  • Employee turnover, lack of engagement, and communication issues cost money and lower profits.
  • Personality conflicts, workplace drama, issues with insubordination negatively impact your bottom line.

“Low morale leads to lost productivity, which costs the American economy $350 billion annually,” according to the Gallup Organization.

What if you could INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by equipping your executives and employees with a better understanding of how  they  are individually wired – that would lead to better and more effective communication skills, ability to handle change and crisis as well as, stay focused, and gain an understanding on how they can contribute effectively.

If you are Ready to INCREASE Effectiveness, IMPROVE Communication,  have IDEAL Employee Engagement, the DISC is the right TOOL.

“The DISC Personality Profile is invaluable for teamwork:

  • It reduces the impact of personal feelings when dealing with personality styles in business dealings.
  • It equips each team member to see their own strengths and weaknesses- which impact company cohesion and success.
  • It creates a better understanding of among team members as well as between employees and management
  • It immediately improves communication on all levels.

The DISC provides in valuable insight into how you relate with others, how others experience you, and how you handle stress. 

I offer this as tool, along with a debrief and/or training session for teams and companies.

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 Susie is a Certified DISC Instructor and trains on:  Better Workplace Relationships & Communication, tailored to your specific needs.  

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