Using DISC for Higher Profits & Increased Productivity

Relationships are the Currency of Today. They radically impact the success of every endeavor, thus using tools to create good relationships is key to your team and business success.

“Low morale leads to lost productivity, which costs the American economy $350 billion annually,” according to the Gallup Organization.

If you are Ready to INCREASE Effectiveness, IMPROVE Communication, have IDEAL Employee Engagement, the DISC is the right TOOL.

The DISC Personality Profile report can:

  • Enhance your Communication Skills
  • Strengthen your Relationships with Colleagues & Coworkers
  • Improve your Workplace Interactions and Dynamics
  • Build Stronger and More Effective Teams
  • Help you Motivate Yourself and Others



Are you tired of losing money, hassling with your team, or feeling less than effective at work?

  • Employee turnover, lack of engagement, and communication issues cost money and lower profits.
  • Personality conflicts, workplace drama, issues with insubordination negatively impact your bottom line.


What if you could INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by…

  • Equipping your executives and employees with a better understanding of how they are individually wired.
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Creating a better work place environment
  • Increasing your teams ability to stay focused as well as to handle change and crisis.
  • Improving Employee engagement and work satisfaction.


DISC can Benefit your Company, Business, or Organization through:

  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Effective Communication
  • Boosting your Productivity and Profits!f


Primary applications of the DISC Personality Profile include:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Building leadership abilities
  • Constructing strong teams
  • Diffusing interpersonal conflict
  • Choosing attainable goals
  • Boosting performance and productivity
  • Increasing motivation
  • Cultivating productive work or study habits
  • Making smart hiring decisions


The DISC Profile covers the following areas of your team members personalities:

  • Strengths in the Workplace
  • Potential Limitations
  • Contributions to a Team
  • Motivational Characteristics
  • Greatest General Fears
  • Communication Style
  • Compatibility with Other Personality Styles
  • Growth Areas
  • Ideal Environments
  • Strengths in Leadership


“The DISC Personality Profile is invaluable for teamwork:

  • It reduces the impact of personal feelings when dealing with personality styles in business dealings.
  • It equips each team member to see their own strengths and weaknesses- which impact company cohesion and success.
  • It creates a better understanding of among team members as well as between employees and management
  • It immediately improves communication on all levels.

The DISC provides in valuable insight into how you relate with others, how others experience you, and how you handle stress

If you are Ready to INCREASE Effectiveness, IMPROVE Communication, have IDEAL Employee Engagement, the DISC is the right TOOL.

Susie is a Certified DISC Instructor and trains on: Better Workplace Relationships & Communication, tailored to your specific needs.

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Why is it important for teams to learn about their personality styles?

There are many reasons for which employees have low morale and perform below expectations. A very common reason that employees are feeling unhappy in their position is because they are misemployed, which means they are placed in a position where they are not being optimized or feeling unable to succeed. Other reasons can include poor communication with co-workers or management, a lack of clear directions and attainable goals for their positions, and a lack of recognition.

Communication is a huge factor and a simple one to predict. When employees don’t feel comfortable asking questions and talking with their superiors, it can cause misunderstandings between everyone. In situations where employees must work as a team, it is important that there is a good mix of personalities so they are able to work together successfully. If one verbal employee experiences low morale, everyone in their area will experience it. Negativity can spread through a company quickly, ultimately resulting in lost productivity and apathy as opposed to self-motivation and enthusiasm, which is also contagious. Something as simple as how we communicate with and understand each other can change the entire tone of the team or small company.