Last night, we all sat down for family dinner, a rarity during the summer months between jobs, friends and fun.  My oldest daughter & her boyfriend, both on summer break from college, and my second oldest daughter, a rising senior in high school, discussed the major events of the day with my husband and me.  Rather than the standard “what was your high/low of the day,” sharing that punctuates our dinner conversation and catches us up on each others lives, the mood was somber as we discussed the bombings in London, the genocide in Darfur, and the activities of the G-8.

Given the fact that we have encouraged our children to think, to question and to express their differences, it was an intense conversation at times, ranging from anger at injustice to battling cynicism and feelings of overwhelming futility.  In the end, there was silence…contemplative silence as we were reminded that one man or woman could make a difference and we were each wrestling with what we were called to do and be in these tumultuous times…

today, my heart is heavy, sorrow-filled, and quiet.

Fernando, provides a number of good links regarding the London bombings, and send me to this profound cartoon

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