photoMoms…have you seen this Huffington Post article:  The mom stays in the picture?

No surprise it went viral!  I admit there are so many times I slipped out of the room, hid, volunteered to be the photographer and basically did whatever I could to avoid being in a picture with my kids…because, I was either feeling to fat, too old, too  under dressed, to messy… but mostly just too fat!

Today all my children are adults and I wish I had been the mom who stayed in the picture more often.  (these are a few I almost skipped out on)  I look back as these and other  photos I am in and think, “I look good in that pic… but I remember feeling fat that day or a hot mess…” or whatever delightful criticism we threw at ourselves throughout younger lives… I would love to look that good now!”  (Oh how I wish i felt or realized this back then!)

Can  you relate?  Have you slipped out of a photo, stayed behind the camera and missed having the moments of life documented?

Please stop!  Please stay in the picture!!  I am here to tell you… memory fades and  you will one day look back at your younger, thinner, insecure self and wish you had!    Age brings some wisdom along with wrinkles, but it also brings regret.

Thankfully we can continue to learn and grow and so now … even when I feel fat, (my dear friend calls it feeling fluffy- a bit kinder don’t you think) or when i have on no make-up, a less than cute outfit, or feel like a hot mess, I try to stay in front of the camera and not run for the bathroom when someone pulls out their iphone.  I take selfies and try not to pick them apart, or take 10 more before i have the guts to post them, muffin top and all!

My inner critic is a bit quieter now, maybe she is tired…but there are days when I still have to lock her up just to stay present to the moment and in front of the camera…even when- Or  should I say Especially when I am feeling less than perfectly coiffed, dressed or slim!

How about you?



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