ps 19-14“Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in your sight O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14 :

Read Psalm 19: 1-14 ( If possible-in two different Translations, one being The Message)

Psalm 19 begins: with David proclaiming and affirming the heavens declare the glory of God, the skies, the sun and all the earth declare His glory. This is called General Revelation and  is available for everyone to see and enjoy.   It surrounds us…the stunning sunset tonight that offered beauty to all who took notice, freshly fallen snow, a field of wild flowers, a baby’s smile, a mothers tenderness, sacrifice of others…

David continues by extolling the Word of the Lord in increasing detail.  This refers to the Scriptures or Specific Revelation available to us as believers when we study the Word of God.  The law, precepts, statues of God are more precious that gold – ie  the Most Valuable thing we have.

Realizing the magnitude of these two truths, David asks God to keep him from willful sins and secret or hidden sins.

Finally David asks  to be pleasing to God with the  words of his mouth AND the mediations of his heart-not just his behavior

This takes everything to a much deeper level. 

I mean, we are all believers and we live pretty good lives, we go to church, tithe, volunteer, pray, and are nice to our surly neighbor.. that should be good.. right???

David challenges us to more.

…“that I might obey you Lord in thought, word and deeds…

This season of reelection and renewal requires an honest look at what I let pass as a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God And I echo David’s’ prayer—that my deeds, my words and my thoughts would be represent my obedience and be pleasing and acceptable to God.

I admit there are times when I think… “I’m doing pretty well at this obedience thing!  I  haven’t committed any  f the big 10 sins (not murdered, committed adultery, stolen anything ) BUT if I measure my deeds, words and thoughts against God’s laws and use this last verse as a mirror…???

 I have to pause and say I need some help!

Do I obey in my deeds? 

Have I taken the risks that God has asked for me, followed the path, done the work He has given me to do, or have I been distracted, diverted and full of excuses (often made to look like very good reasons)?

For example, writing and sharing what I have learned from God and others is something I know God has called me to do. I have avoided the deed of writing… out of fear of rejection, knowing the difficulty of the task and downright laziness at times.  Sometimes it is easier to watch TV, read, take a nap, exercise  and even clean –  if it means I can avoid the work of writing. 

In these moments I am choosing disobedience.  it doesn’t matter how I package it or try to fool myself into thinking “well it is not like I am committing a major sin!” (like there is a hierarch of worse sins- sin is sin- disobedience is ugly in any form) and that is exactly what I am doing when I choose to ignore the clear call of God on my life.

Can you relate?

Do I obey in my words?

Each day there are things I say that I wish I could suck back in like a piece of spaghetti… but it is too late! The words are out there flapping in the wind, doing damage and hurting others in my thoughtlessness.

Numerous times after returning from a meeting or event, I think- “Oh, I wish I hadn’t said that…”  No one might have reacted, but I know I spoke without thinking or evaluating- and I can see the sting of my words and I know they could have been hurtful, critical or even untimely.

Has that happened to you?  Have you spoken without thinking and regretted your words?

Do I obey in thought?

The word mediation (higgayon) – can be translated music, mediation or musing.

What is tumbling around in my heart?  What murmurings are stirred up and taking shape?

There are times when I know that the colors of my heart’s musings are tending toward black.  Mediations, musing, murmurings of resentment, jealousy, strife and/or  judgment can boil up and threated to overwhelm my heart.  These are not pleasing to God.

But what am I to do with them?  Am I saying we shouldn’t feel our feelings?

NO!   Feelings just ARE.  If we don’t feel them, or pretend they don’t exist, they WILL come out in some fashion.  Stuffing or denying our feelings is  bit like trying to hold a beach ball underwater- It pops out it somewhere! 

We need to feel our feelings- BUT it is What we DO with them makes all the difference! 

If I am feeling resentment, I can acknowledge it, offer it to God, ask for His perspective, help and healing


 I can meditate on it, musing over it, feeding it with facts and energy till it grows.  This is sinful and invariable leads to even more sin as I inevitably add word and deed to it.

When we pray David’s prayer- to obey in deed, word and thoughts – we have choices to make.

Thankfully, we are not alone in our making righteous choices or living them out!

David calls upon God, his Strength and Redeemer, as the source for his ability to be obedient in deeds, words and thoughts.

         his Strength -(tsur)– Roc, Helper

        his Redeemer-(gaal) avenger, rescuer, kinsman- the One who paid the ransom

David prays:  “let these things be pleasing to you O God, my Strength and Redeemer.”

I think this means that God is part of this.  It is by the strength and help of Jesus, not only our own, that we can make the choices to obey in thought, word and deed.  We are not alone in our efforts to live righteously.

 David, the shepherd boy who slayed Goliath through his faith in God and His power… a man after God’s own heart…made many mistakes, committed sins, was disobedient, avoided responsibility, spoke errant words and had sinful thoughts!  He cries out to God as he declares His glory, seeks forgiveness and boldly asks for help and strength to be obey God in his deeds, and for his words and thoughts to be pleasing to God. 

This gives me comfort and hope because I am as big a mess as David, and I am a woman who seeks after the heart of God and this means He is here to help me too!  

Does that bring you comfort and hope as well?

Think about how and where you need God’s help as your Strength and Redeemer to obey Him in your deeds, words and thoughts. 

Can you be more aware of these as you go about your day?  Especially the meditations and musings of your heart since everything we do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)

Please share your comments and feedback as it is a blessing to read! 

Please feel free to share these devotionals with anyone who may enjoy them.

 Digging Deeper:  (for those who want more!)

Warren Wiersbe, theologian and bibial scholar comment on Psalm 19:14

If God is your Redeemer, He can be your Strength. Live acceptably in His sight, allowing the meditation of your heart to please Him. Then your life will be what He wants it to be.  God is more than the God of creation and the Scriptures; He is the God of redemption. If your heart is filled with Him and yielded to Him, you can have victory over sin. Don’t simply worship the God of nature. Get into the Word of God and let God get into you. (Prayer, Praise and Promises).

 Psalm 19:7-10 is an example of what is referred to as synthetic parallelism, where each succeeding clause contains some accessory idea enforcing the main idea. In other words synthetic parallelism is when the second line or clause explains and expands the first.

David expands on the Word of God calling it

Law (torah) –instructions, teachings

Testimony (eduth)- solemn divine charge, admonition, ordinance, warnings, decrees

Precepts (piqqud) –statute, charge, properly appointed,  mandate

Commandment (mitzvah) -obligation, tradition, terms, what is prescribed

This is what David measures his life against-his deeds, his words, his thoughts.  How well do you know the Laws, Testimony, Precepts, and Commandments of God so they can be a measure for your life?

Study this table as you reflect on this Psalm and the impact it can have in your life.




The Name of the Word

The Character of the Word

The Effect of the Word


Ps 19:7 Law Teachings

Perfect Whole Complete Sufficient Lacking nothing Good

Restoring Transforming Renewing Reviving Converting Refreshing Preserving Life giving Giving new strength

Ps 19:7 Testimony Witness Decree

Sure Trustworthy Reliable Steadfast Dependable Certain

Wisdom Proper understanding of life, of God, of self, of others

Ps 19:8 Precepts Orders Statutes Rules set down

Right Correct Upright In accord w what is just & good Appropriate & fitting Fair

Joy Sense of serenity Making glad Giving Well Being Bringing Tranquility

Ps 19:8 Commandment

Pure Clear Bright Radiant Untainted with evil or error

Enlightenment Giving Insight for life Lighting up one’s way Making the eyes light up

Ps 19:9 Fear Reverential Awe Obedient Respect Worshipful submission

Clean Uncontaminated Free from impurity Undefiled

Enduring Permanent, Unchanging, Relevant, Up to date, Never outdated Never in need of alteration

Ps 19:9,11 Judgments Decisions Ordinances

True/Righteous Correspond to & accurately reflect reality “Tell it like it really is” Reflect what is right /Completely fair /Absolutely just

Warning/Reward Moral guidance/Spiritual riches Make conscious of danger

Daily Lectionary Readings:

Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18;  Psalm 19:8, 9, 10, 15;  Matthew 25:31-46

 If you want to read through the New Testament during Lent (about 1/2 hour a day)

Read on Day 6:  Matthew 26-end

Congrats!  you finished the first gospel and book of the New Testament!!  keep going -it’s worth it!!



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  1. Jean Albert

    Thank you. Left for work with a practical thought and was blessed by what you have written. Now I have something to study deeper and learn from before bedtime…..keep writing Dear One, you are a blessing.


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