I am not good at waiting…time seems to slow down, days drag on and waiting seems endless.

I resist waiting by keeping busy, trying to “make things happen.

I am not good at waiting.

Are you?

Today is a day of waiting.

The women had wrapped Jesus quickly in grave clothes, before the Sabbath began, and were waiting to anoint His body with the proper burial spices once the Sabbath was over.

Did they forget He said He would rise on the third day? 

Did they believe Him, but just in case wanted to be sure He got the proper burial?

Were they distracted and distraught during that Sabbath?

I imagine they went about the rituals of the Sabbath celebration in obedience, but with heavy hearts- fighting hopelessness, eyes filled with tears.

Praying… Lord I believe, help me in my unbelief…

Did they dare speak their doubts? 

Would He rise from the dead?  Was it possible?  He said He would, and His words had proven true.

Did they reassure each other as they waited?

Did they rehearse His promises, reminding each other and themselves that He would rise on the third day?

How do you wait?  Especially when you are struggling, sorrow-filled, confused and in need?

Do you do these things?  Remember, rehearse, reassure?

Today is a day of waiting…

There is no liturgy on Holy Saturday.  No verses of Scripture read as part of the church calendar.  It is a day of reflecting on Jesus’ death and preparing for Easter.

“On Holy Saturday, the Church waits at the Lord’s tomb in prayer and fasting, meditating on His Passion and Death, and on His descent into hell and awaiting His Resurrection.”  (Revised Common Lectionary)

How will you wait today?

We know without a doubt that Easter morning, the tomb is empty!  Jesus is alive!

But the women who loved Him, walked with Him, cared for His needs…

The men who called Him teacher, Lord, followed Him and were his disciples…

They didn’t know yet.

They spent Holy Saturday in the dark.

The cross was not a victory for them. It was the failure.

Jesus, their Messiah, Savior, and Lord was dead.

What now?

Everything they had worked for, sacrificed for, believed in for the past three years was gone.  Jesus had been brutally crucified. The religious leaders had won.

What did He mean “It is finished?”

What is finished??

Lost, confused, clinging to hope that He would rise again… they waited.

Lord, I believe, help me in my unbelief… whispered as they waited.

hoping against all odds,

      hope beyond reason

          hope in the promises of Jesus

                they waited.

Today we wait… but we wait knowing the end of the story.

The cross of Christ is a symbol of victory over sin and death.

We wait with great hope and assurance of the Resurrection!

As you wait today take some time to reflect on this Lenten Journey and especially on the suffering and death of Jesus and what it means to you personally.

Listen to Michael Card’s The Cross of Glory


Digging Deeper:

Read the gospel accounts of Jesus burial

John 19: 28-42

Luke 22:44-55

Matthew 27:45-66


I love old hymns- they contain such good theology.  Times of waiting, often take my mind and heart back to them. Listen to these few as you wait today…

The Old Rugged Cross:

Jesus Paid It All:

Just As I Am:


No Lectionary reading for today.

If you want to read through the New Testament during Lent (about 1/2 hour a day)

Read on Day 46: Revelation 17-end

2 Responses to “Day 46- Holy Week- Holy Saturday”

  1. Jean Boren

    Thank you Susie for leading us through this holy season. Sorry I haven’t been more responsive. It has been good for me.

  2. Linda

    The in between day. It should be a dark and quiet time of reflection and contemplation. We know the promise and that it will be kept. We know that Jesus will rise in fulfillment of the prophesies. And yet, there is the horror of the manner of death, the shame of betrayal and the wonder about the Mind and heart of man that pridefully fails to follow a simple command to love others as we are and have been loved by our Father.
    Perhaps today is reflective of life. Knowing the transgressions and victories of the past, the promise that tomorrow will be better, today we wait. We wait. We know we are undeserving, but yet we wait.


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