Read: John 8:31-32

Jesus makes this promised filled comment to His disciples:

if you abide in my word:

then you are truly my disciples

you will know the truth

the truth will set you free.


Remaining connected to and dwelling “in Him” is the true mark of a disciple.

The word of God, the Scriptures, teaches us Gods truth, The Living Word Jesus Christ is the revelation of God’s truth.

Jesus says, I am the Way the Truth and the life. 

We can know the truth – intellectually yes- but even more so- intimately in a life changing day to day impacting way.

And Knowing The Truth, Jesus as Lord and Savior, does indeed make us free.

We are free to live In Him with a radical freedom that He is enough for our lives to have purpose and meaning.  The Sufficiency of Christ changes our lives.  We don’t need to live according to the law but according to the relationship with Jesus as the fundament touchstone and measure of our choices, actions, and pursuits.



Abide: (meno) Greek word:  remain, continue, stay, endure, wait, stand

There is something very active about the word abide:  it requires a focus and intentionality to stay put, to continue, in the face of distractions or feelings that may entice us to stray.


Jesus says, Abide in my word, Abide in Me

  • What does the word Abide mean to you?
  • How do you do this on a daily, moment by moment basis?  What prevents or hinders you from doing so?

Jesus and our relationship with Him is THE most important part of our life.

It is from our relationship with Him that we are able to handle whatever the day brings, the twist, turns and trials of life,  He give us our perspective, our marching orders, our ability to live faithfully in the midst of questions, struggles  sorrows.  We enjoy a freedom that only faith can bring.

As is true for most of us, life is full of disappointments, unanswered questions, brokenness, betrayal, hardship, and it is our faith in God that keeps us going.  We choose to abide in Christ, we call to mind scriptures we have memorized; we open the Bible to find comfort, direction, solace.  We remind ourselves of times when Jesus has been profoundly present and sustained us during times of grief and trials. We cling to the hope that He will see us through till the dawn.

 I cannot imagine my life without my ongoing daily, moment by moment relationship with Jesus.

  • Can you relate?
  • How does knowing The Truth set you free?
  • What does living in freedom mean to you?


 Digging Deeper:

Read John 8:31-42

How does this expand or enhance the meaning of Jesus words in verse 31 & 32.

Look at the context of where in the Gospel of John this passage sits.  How does that impact the meaning or increase your understanding?

Look at this outline of the passage and see how it expands your understanding:

Read this interesting Sermon on John 8:31-36


Daily Lectionary Readings: 

Daniel 3:14-20, 52-56, 91-95; Psalm 143; John 8:31-42


If you want to read through the New Testament during Lent (about 1/2 hour a day)

Read on Day 36: 1 Thessalonians & 2 Thessalonians






3 Responses to “Day 36- Lenten Journey 2014”

  1. Susie

    so well said Linda.
    Abide is my word for 2014… and your words have added eve more nuance to it.
    thank you.
    prayers for your brother in law and your family as you deal with this awful disease.

    • Linda Carducci

      This brother in law has been a part of my life since we were both children. He is funny, loving, supportive, loyal and an all around good guy. Of course, he has had trials, and a deep faith that defines him. However, he had not endured such prolonged and persistent, seemingly unending pain. In spite of his faith, he was prepared to let go and refuse further surgery and treatment. He told himself it was for his family, so they wouldn’t continue to suffer. One of the hardest things I have done was to order (it wasn’t a gentle urging!) him to fight; that he had to endure the pain so he could experience the healing. Endure and abide. Walk his and His talk. In love I risked our relationship and told him to endure and abide, to think beyond the pain. Of course, I prayed and prayed and that would have been enough. But, in my heart I know that he had to consciously choose to endure so he could then abide. He had to be a warrior. Active, not passive.
      I only know snipits of your story, but I know you have had to endure much pain in your life. You are an inspiration and I thank you for your fearless sharing of what’s in your heart.

  2. Linda Carducci

    As my brother in law has been battling cancer and treatment, I have been lead to a better understanding of being willing and able to endure and abide. Abide used to be passive, much like floating on a gentle stream of water, going whereever and whenever the current took one. No thrashing about, trying to go against the current or cutting across the stream. Not willful or even participatory. Now I understand, by watching and contemplating the struggle of endurance, that abide is an active verb. Float, struggle, rise up, be pushed down. Much like a floaty bathtub toy that you push down, only to have it pop back up and right itself. And so, we abide. Floating at times, struggling to stay afloat at other times, helping at times, hindering at times, drifting at other times. The floating, drifting, struggling isn’t the point. The point is that we will always pop back up because of God’s Grace and the love of Jesus.
    Abide has become a word of hope and confirmation; one of my favorite words.


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