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Psalm 95: 1-3  (The book of Psalms is a SONG book!)

Come… let us sing for Joy to the Lord

  • let us shout aloud
  • let us come with thanksgiving
  • let us sings songs of praise to Him

BECAUSE the LORD is THE Great God, the KING above all gods.


sing, shout, and then sing again…

songs of praise – filled with thanksgiving.

Pause and imagine shouting aloud all the things you are thankful for BECAUSE the God is GREAT!

Would you shout?  Full out, unembarrassed… So excited and filled with emotion –that you had to Shout so all could hear How Great is our God!!?

kids shout..

  • “mom you are awesome!  this is the best gift ever!
  • “we Won!! YAAAAAAY!!!”
  • “Did you see??!! Did you SEE ME SCORE!!”

Excited, loud, with abandon…no concern for if it is appropriate or not!

Could you do that to God!

What would you shout about in thankfulness to God??

still a bit uncomfortable…I understand that feeling. I am not sure I have ever shouted in thankfulness to God, in anger and frustration… yep.  I guess I need to attempt shouting for joy as well.

but in the meantime… while I am working up to it…

How about singing?  Now THAT I can do!!

  • Songs can set our mood, take us back to another time, reminding us of feelings, moments, scenes of the past.
  • Songs can soothe our hearts, calm our fears, give us words and melodies to cling to
  • Songs can teach, challenge, uplift, sustain
  • Songs can express thankfulness and joy to the Lord.  (If I sing really loud, will that count as shouting?)

What are some of your favorite “got to” songs that bring your heart before God in a unique way?

  • I remember my dad singing “How Great Thou Art” off key, but all in… and tears spring to my eyes every time I hear it.
  • “Great is Thy Faithfulness” has sustained me through many a run, as it is the song that runs through my head during that final push.  I was sickly as a baby and remember the doctor telling me that I wouldn’t e able to run because of my asthma.. every time I run, I am grateful for a healthy body… and as I run through the words in my head, my heart swells with so much more that I am thankful for, contained in the lyrics of this classic hymn.
  • This fall, when a dear friend died suddenly, I was comforted by Worn by Tenth Avenue North –the words profound, the melody haunting.

When I sing these, they are prayers to God… thankful, joyful that HE is Great and above all other gods.

The Psalmist makes this distinction because there were many other gods in the region- gods for rain, fertility, wealth, war.  One of the most unique characteristics of Israel was their belief and love in One God – YHWH.

There is none that can compare to the LORD God YWHW!

And THAT is reason to sing, shout, sing again for JOY with Thankfulness!!

Gratitude changes us!  Expressing it aloud has a unique and powerful impact on our minds and hearts.

Maybe that is why we are commanded to offer praise and thanksgiving to our GREAT God!

  • Can you think of a time when gratitude, actively spoken, sung, shouted to God, has changed you heart set, and thus your day?
  • Take time today to list all the things, blessings, people, lessons, that you can be thankful and Praise God for and then post it where you can see it daily.
  • As we begin this third week of Lent, can you add to this list every day?
  • Post a comment: I am singing and shouting to God in thankfulness for____.


Digging Deeper:

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Read all of Psalm 95 in at least 2 different translations


Daily Lectionary Readings:

Exodus 17:3-7, Psalm 95:1-9; Romans 5:1-8, John 4:5-42

If you want to read through the New Testament during Lent (about ½ hour a day)

Read on Day 19: John 10-14



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