creeated for rel

Wired for Connection.  Created for Relationship.  This is who we are! Relationships are some of the most complex, challenging and rewarding parts of life!  Relationships are our why.

Often we are so busy with business, entrepreneurship, getting ahead, and all the other stuff of life, that our relationships get overlooked, taken for granted, with promises of “soon” or “someday” whispered to ourselves and spoken to our loved ones.

While business does take up most of our time and energy, relationships can thrive in the midst of the demands of entrepreneurship.  And without the massive action required for your business.

One of my favorite tips is while you can’t be present 110% of the time, because business takes time — choose to be 110% present when you ARE with your spouse, family, friends. Giving someone your undivided attention is the greatest gift you can give someone because it communicates how much they matter!

How are you investing in your relationship?  How are you connecting intentionally with your loved one?

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