Equipping Professionals around the World with Powerful People Skills

Success - Business, Organization, and/or Non Profit Success - is Directly Linked to Effective People Skills.

Do you want:

  • decreased workplace drama
  • less stress
  • increased employee engagement and retention
  • maximize talent
  • collaborative teamwork
  • effective communication
  • navigating & resolving conflict
  • embracing diversity and differences
  • impactful leadership
  • influential & successful sales
  • improved customer service
  • increased productivity & profitability

In our digital and global world technical skills and efficiencies are not enough- Powerful people skills are the difference maker between thriving and barely surviving.

As a Communication & Relationship Expert, with 25 years of experience, I can honestly say - Almost ALL challenges faced by businesses, organizations, non-profits can be boiled down to a problem between people – and that’s where I can help!

Effective communication and People Skills will make or break your success.

Our work together gives you a:

  • Challenges Assessment - 50,000 ft view of the dilemmas and challenges impeding your growth and success, including a personality and behavioral profile of leadership team and essential personnel
  • Cohesive framework to effectively address the problems, driven by 360◦ driven assessment
  • Customized training workshops for corrective action in communication and people skills
  • Current -Real time strategies to implement for FAST results
  • Continued support through implementation

We begin with a consultation to assess your needs, and how I might best serve you.

I specialize in clearly understanding my client specific needs and preferences, developing a strategy to deliver the exact training each one needs to achieve its business and development goals. I believe in working as partners to achieve the results you desire.

Afterward, you will receive a proposal with my recommendations and fee structure.  I work on a project basis or a retainer fee based on the identified needs and best solutions I can offer.

 No hard selling, just the facts for you to make an informed decision.

I consult with

  • Corporate & Government Groups
  • All Industries
  • Non Profits & Organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Professionals with Internal or External Client Services including: HR, Legal, IT Services and  Professional Services, Consulting Groups

To Start the Conversation and set up a consult …