colorWanna color together?? And Grow a bit in your faith at the same time?
Today I was coloring for some downtime and thought about how fun it would be to color together around my kitchen table.
While we can’t literally do that, we can color virtually and maybe even grow a bit along the way. Like the old quilting bee- we can have a coloring bee!
BYOCrayons  AND …Let’s COLOR the Psalms together!!! (FREE, No time commitment, come as you are, come when you can… just come!!)
I LOVE the Psalms because they have EVERY emotion we experience in them and God calls them worship. When I first discovered this, I was elated because not all of my emotions are lovely or positive!
If you are feeling angry, discouraged, disappointed, shame, jealousy, fear, or just questioning God… You are not alone… These emotions are in the Psalms.
If you are feeling elated, blessed, held, seen, joyful, hopeful… These emotions are in the Psalms too!
I have struggled these past few months with some personal and family things we are carrying. I am not at liberty to share many details yet, but my prayers, thoughts and cries to God have echoed some of what I read in the Psalms.
I have wrestled with fear, anger, shame, jealousy AND I have felt great joy, hope and blessed! And it is NOT because of PMS! LOL! It is just navigating the stuff of life on an honest and real level!
Can you relate?
And I found my struggles, worries, and emotions all named in the Psalms.
And God calls the Psalms a book of worship! How cool is that!
I have fallen in love with coloring as it is easy, soothing and a time of contemplation and worship… and TODAY I found a Coloring book of Psalms…SO… if you want to join me – we can color together. I will post a short video about each verse so we can dig a bit deeper together.
There will be 1-2 a week – short devos to go with the verse. I will Periscope the devo -So you can join me live or watch it later when it works best for you.

Coloring the Psalms on amazon is the book we will use, less than $10 on Amazon

Let me know in the comments if you sharpening your pencils!  And pop over to join our FB group-Women of the Bible journaling where I will post the  short devotional videos to go with each Psalm we color!
Hope you can color and learn along with me! We will start Sunday, January 17th.
Again, this is a come when you can- NO time commitment… FREE gathering! Coloring will be at your leisure with a short 5-10 min video you can watch when it’s convenient for you.
To order the book: Coloring the Psalms

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