Business & Success Coaching

I coach a handful of executives and business owners who want to create greater impact and influence in their work or organizations, improve their leadership and people skills to increase their value and maximize their success both professionally and personally.

I work on retainer, which allows my clients almost unlimited and real time access, as we partner together for rapid results.

Are you seeking to:

  • Increase Your Impact & Influence
  • Amplify Your Success & Significance
  • Improve Your Communication Skills
  • Expand your Executive Presence
  • Explode Profits and Productivity without Sacrificing Your Priorities
  • Develop Strong & Fulfilling Personal Relationships
  • Leverage your Professional Relationships for More Success and Influence
  • Uplevel your Self Confidence
  • Make a Pivot in Your Lifestyle or Business


I offer One on One Coaching, Masterminds, VIP Onsite Intensives to help you achieve your goals in business, life and relationships.

I work with people all over the world, via Skype, phone, and VIP face to face

One on One Coaching:

I work with self starters, motivated people who want more in life, business, and relationships. 

My clients include: high performing entrepreneurs, busy executives,  founders/CEO of thriving businesses & private practice,  women in leadership, government officials & employees.

One on One Coaching focuses on getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Personalized Custom Strategy:

  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Develop Your Vision
  • Determine Your Goals
  • Decide Your Plan

I work with a limited number of personal clients, selected through an application process. 

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Catalyst Mastermind:

A group of high achievers dedicated to creating Success and Significance in their Business, Life & Relationships

  • Monthly Online private video conference
  • Diverse & Dedicated Members
  • Private Group Page for ongoing conversation, consultation, and collaboration

Investment: $197 month
Value:  Immeasurable

Catalyst is Currently Closed to New Members

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Investment: $197 month
Value:  Immeasurable

Private community of 5-8 women leaders dedicated to:

Authentic Conversation, Intentional Collaboration and Mutual Celebration

The world is competitive, and most women leaders lack a place to be authentic and open about the reality of juggling success in business, relationships, and life.

Amplify offers this unique and necessary element to women leaders who are seeking a safe place to be honest, a positive environment to grow, and accountability to achieve.

  •  Private Mastermind
  • Monthly Online Video
  • Private Group for Ongoing Conversations, Coaching, Collaboration

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