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What would happen if you say this to yourself today?  Maybe every time you look in the mirror, or even easier, every time you pick up your cell phone. (Because who really wants to look in the mirror on a bad hair day, a “feeling fluffy” day, or a work at home yoga pants kinda day?) So let’s go with whispering, “Hello Awesome!” to yourself- every time you pick up your cell phone!

Yep, every time, No matter what you are feeling!!

It WILL change you!  Your thoughts, your actions and your attitude!

I promise!

This month I am part of a FB group called Awesomization Nation, that focuses on our doing 3 Awesome acts each day – One in each of these categories: Personal, Biz, World. And then, we report on it via a post that beings with  saying, “This is what Awesome Susie did today…”

At first it was awkward, prideful and sometimes a huge stretch to find awesome in the daily stuff of life.

But then as we interacted and encouraged each other, it became not only easier, but fun! We began to realize that lots of awesome happened everyday, we just hadn’t thought about it that way.

  1. Little things like taking time for self care, taking a walk, practicing self compassion, quiet time with God, spending time with kids, watching a favorite TV show, reading, even taking a nap were the AWESOME Personal things people did.
  2. Picking up the 10lb phone and making “that” call, asking for help on a project, being intentional on social media, connecting with colleagues, getting through paper work, suiting up and showing up, writing a post, beginning a project were some AWESOME Business things folks did!
  3. Saying a prayer,  volunteering, donating to a worthy cause, recycling, buying organic, thrifting, re-purposing,  helping a loved one or a stranger in need, creating better relationships, reaching out, forgiving, weeding a garden were all AWESOME World things posted and cheered on.

This month has changed my view of what I do each day.  I have learned to see the efforts, engagements and actions of my day as Awesome when they are intentional and focused. Rather than an “I have to do” something mentality, I have more of an “I get to do” this mindset.  And taking action, following through, beginning, trying… all count as AWESOME!

  1. My focus on self care and self compassion has resulted in more margin, health and rest…being personally awesome at least once a day!
  2. Intentional business efforts have helped me stay focused and even do the hard things I would much rather procrastinate on…being awesome in my biz at least once a day!
  3. Interest and engagement in the world has moved to the forefront of my mind.  Not in a burdensome way, as I see so much need, but rather in a “what can I do today to make a difference, no matter how small” mentality. I focus on a “something” awesome can I do for the world at least once a day.

Can I say how fun it is to call yourself AWESOME everyday? Even when I am not feeling so awesome? Try it today… see how good it feels.

And let me know!! Post in the comments one thing Your AWESOME self did today:

2 Responses to “What if you called yourself Awesome today?”

  1. Rick Carter

    1st, Congrats on your new book! It is awesome to get there as it is a lot of work few people understand or know!

    I wrote Nicole to suggest a book of Awesome Daily Encouragement which we all could participate in by submitting our beliefs of most awesome in family , business and personal along with a short comment — I know I need some help and not too proud to ask I believe it would be good for everyone! Especially for Nicole since she started this and I could use a book that can be finished before the one I am working on now as I asked her to allow me to collaborate. I’d like your opinion.

    • Susie Miller

      Thanks Rick! I appreciate your kind words! I guess you know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a book. I am thrilled and hope it will bless and encourage many to create better relationships. I think your idea is great! We all need encouragement and I know this WWYSD has been a source of that for me. Keep me posted on your progress.
      Cheers, Susie


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