Your Midlife Launch

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #021

Your Mid-Life Launch w/ Kingsley Grant

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)


Midlife offers unique experiences like at no other point in your life. Many people evaluate their life and want to shift career or focus to create a lasting legacy.  Kingsley Grant, The Mid Life Launch Coach helps people do just that!   In fact, Kingsley transitioned from a 20+ year career to embark on a new adventure and follow his passion of bringing hope to his clients.  

Kingsley’s Bio

  • Kingsley is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Certified Life Coach and podcaster.
  • Kingsley is the father of two young adults, a husband who just celebrated his 30th anniversary, a man of faith and an entrepreneur at heart.
  • Kingsley teaches his 5 S.C.O.R.E Habits, which help professionals inside and outside organizations to have rock-star performance and mindset.
  • Kingsley is also the author of “The Midlife Launch”, a book that grew out of his own experiences, as well as those of his clients, that are unique to this stage of life.

Keeping His Marriage Strong

  • Kingsley and Susie agree that it all comes down to communication.
  • He and his wife talk often and still plan and enjoy date nights.
  • They work on understanding themselves and each other- embracing  their differences.
  •  They focus on forgiveness.
  • Their commitment to their marriage has helped them work through their struggles.

 Challenges of Being an Entre-Spouse

  • There were some difficult times due to Kingsley wife not understanding what he does.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs blame their spouse for not being ‘on board’ but we might not be taking the time to explain properly what it is that we do.
  • Kingsley believes it is his responsibility to talk about the issues with his wife and listen to her input.
  • Kingsley put some business ideas on hold for the sake of his marriage because his marriage is the priority.

Entrepreneurship as Our “Other Love”

  • Kingsley’s wife celebrates that his passion is being a “hope dispenser.”
  • That passion makes him so happy that she actually gets the best of him, even when he’s caught up in his work.
  • If he can tap into what makes her happy, then their happiness works in tandem.

“A Happy Wife, a Happy Life”

  • His wife’s love language is quality time and affection and she loves to travel.
  • Whenever Kingsley has an opportunity to bring her on a trip, it ‘fuels her tank’ of happiness.
  • When Kingsley focuses on filling her love bank, the relationship gets the best of both of them, she is more open and encouraging of him.

Strategic Advice for a Successful Entrepreneurial Marriage

  • We all want to be heard.  Be a good listener.
  • Kingsley teaches “The Triple A System”   You don’t have to agree with your spouse, but you do need to Acknowledge them, and then you may need to Apologize and/ or Applaud them.
  • An apology can go a very long way in validating your spouse’s feelings.

Resolving an Impasse with Your Spouse

  • Recognize the context-there may be an underlying issue that need to be identified and discussed.
  • Present an alternative route,  to reach the same goal, but one both partners are comfortable with.
  • Kingsley has trained himself not to ‘react’, but instead to take a time out before approaching a heated topic.
  • Realize that you and your spouse are on the same team so that you can move toward forgiveness.

What Is His Wife’s Biggest Challenge? 

  • He doesn’t have one romantic bone in his body! She’s been working on him for 30 years because affection doesn’t come for him naturally.

His ‘Midlife Launch

  • Kingsley pivoted mid life when he realized he was done in his professional life and wanted something more.
  • It was a struggle to walk away but he had to make that switch to fulfill his destiny.
  • Don’t measure your jump by anyone else’s.  The whole point is to jump in the water.
  • Now he feels free and he’s excited about life because he can touch people through so many facets.

Conquering Midlife Fear

  • People don’t regret what they tried-they regret what they never tried to do.
  • He’s on a mission to tell people:  Rob the graveyard-do not let it become any richer-with your unused talents and gifts.
  • Look at what you’re afraid to do and try it anyway.

Kingsley’s book:  The Mid Life Launch:

His Favorite Highlights

  • The ‘Experience Advantage’-at the midlife stage, you have experience that others don’t have. Don’t waste it-no matter what they were, they made you who you are.
  • The ‘Responsibility Dilemma’-there’s someone behind you that can learn from your experiences. If you’re not passing that on, you are responsible for holding back something of value that they could learn from.
  • The ‘3 Lenses’- a lens to look back, a lens to look around and a lens to look forward-look at one or two things you can deposit in someone’s life that they would be so happy to learn, they would pay you money for it.

What’s His Superpower? 

  • He brings hope.  It’s his ‘why’.

Where You Can Find Kingsley

His website:

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