Women Taking the Lead

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #020

Women Taking The Lead with Jodi Flynn

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Jodi Flynn, of Women Taking the Lead, discusses how a positive and loving relationship with ourselves first impacts all of our choices. Jodi shares how to fight off the self-doubt and preconceived notions about being an entrepreneurial woman, and how to maintain healthy, loving relationships with our friends and families.

Jodi’s Bio

  • After a successful career in mutual fund operations, she attained certification as a Professional Life Coach, and founded Luma Coaching.
  • She specialized in helping business leaders facing self-doubt and overwhelmed to get organized, focused and start experiencing the lifestyle of their dream.
  • She is also the host of the podcast, Women Taking the Lead, a show whose mission is to inspire women to overcome self-doubt.
  • She comes from a huge family, being one of 8 siblings; she has never been married and is in her 40’s, and believes these all contribute to her unique perspective.

Inspiration for Women Taking the Lead

  • As a young girl, she experienced the constraints that society placed on females.
  • Being denied some roles due to simply being a girl really impacted the way she saw the world.
  • She became more sensitive to the differences of treatment between males and females. She saw many women, because of cultural conditioning, hold themselves back.
  • Jodi’s mission is to inspire women to be leaders.
  • Many women don’t realize they are ALREADY being leaders because leadership is about acts of everyday courage.

‘Taking’ Does NOT Mean Dominating

  • Women being held back is not a ‘Male vs. Female’ situation-even women can hold other women back.
  • Jodi also interviews men on the show and encourages them to take part because she believes it’s going to take men and women to make a difference.
  • Women Taking the Lead is not about being angry or getting ‘ahead’ of men. Instead focus on owning who you are in the world and expressing it.

Resisting Preconceived Notions About Ourselves

  • We can be our harshest critics.
  • Women have a tendency to downplay their contributions and dismiss their successes.
  • Jodi challenges her clients to talk about times when they succeeded.
  • Her coaching helps clients identify their values, their superpowers, etc.
  • When you’re constantly in a conversation about your success, you can’t help but change the way you look at yourself.

Resisting Negative Influences from Family and Friends

  • Jodi’s core philosophy -‘However someone shows up for you, they are doing their best’
  • This viewpoint has really helped a lot of women gain a new perspective and release lingering emotions.
  • “If no one is a criminal, you can have a non-judgmental conversation.”
  • We need to acknowledge that everyone faces the same worries, doubts and struggles.

How Entrepreneurship Can Impact Women’s Friendships

  • Entrepreneurs can easily get very involved in their businesses and let relationships lapse.
  • For one of her closest friends, the fact that she had a business was akin to abandonment of the friendship.
  • Women in Leadership often don’t feel unsupported – Jodi realizes that she has to discuss these feelings openly.
  • Jodi believes we should all make a practice of reaching out to someone when we think of them, even if it’s just a quick text or Facebook message.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

  • The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have in your life.
  • Susie believes we are so hard on ourselves-if we talked to other people the way we talk to ourselves, we’d be in a really terrible state.
  • Our self-talk makes a huge difference in what we choose to take on and the way we handle problems.

What’s Her Superpower?

  • She brings out the best in others!

Where You Can Find Jodi

Her website: www.womentakingthelead.com

She has all of her social sharing buttons at the top of the site as well as page for the podcast.

Podcast: Women Taking the Lead


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