A man on a mission

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #029

A Man on a Mission w/ James Tew

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)


James Tew is one wildly busy and wildly successful guy!  James has found his nirvana as the host of ‘A Dad’s Mission for Success’, a new video series, and as a father and husband.   James shares how being a husband and father is  driving force for building an online business, how the support and input of his wife, Christine, feeds his success, and how intention and commitment toward family is vitally important to recharging his creativity.   James brings a sense of humor to entrepreneurship and he loves what he does-a great combination of fun and profit! 

Jamess Bio

  • James is an Australian entrepreneur that is making waves in the video world with his show, ‘A Dad’s Mission for Success’.
  • After serving 7 years in the Australian Navy, James has extensive experience in developing people to reach new heights.
  • James’ show has skyrocketed to the top, with over 10K views in the first month
  • James’ success has led to him also becoming a content partner for Entrepreneur’s Network
  • As a 27-year old dad of 4 daughters, James still works full time while building his empire.  


The Key to His Success 

  • James is the first to admit that he is prone to ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ but narrowing his focus has been the real key.
  • For the last several years, he was focused on just making a dollar online any way possible.
  • James started making the videos for fun and the responses he got changed his direction and focus.
  • His mission for the videos from day one was just to make a difference and make people smile.   


Why James is So Relatable and Fun

  • James made a deliberate decision that he wasn’t going to dress up for his videos!  
  • He is a 27 year old dad-the mistakes he made in the past came from trying to be someone else.
  • So many people relate to his honesty and vulnerability.
  • James’ tagline encourages curiosity-it catches interest from all circles.
  • And, he’s really funny!  In one episode, he even wore a mop on his head to play his wife!


The Challenges of Being an Entre-Spouse

  • James has to remind himself that his wife has his best interest at heart when he gets annoyed by her critiques
  • When she suggests something is under-par, his approach is to have a coffee and think about it before making any changes.  
  • For Christine, it can be frustrating because he’s always ‘on’, thinking about new ideas for the business.


The Advantages of Being an Entre-spouse

  • James and Christine complement each other perfectly.   This is why he finds her input so valuable. 
  • James readily admits that Christine is the brain behind most of his success.
  • Christine’s supportive and happy for him to have the limelight while she contributes behind-the-scenes.


Juggling Work and Family

  • A very strong Google calendar-if it’s not on there, it’s not happening!
  • James and Christine have sit-down planning sessions for their schedules and special events.
  • They’ve drawn very clear boundaries between work-time and family time.
  • Family time is cell phone and office space free!
  • 3 words for your smartphone:  Do Not Disturb.
  • James is building an online income is 100% for the freedom it allows him to be with his family full-time.
  • They both acknowledge pushing hard now means success and even more time together later.


Tending to His Marriage

  • With both of their hectic schedules, James and Christine are very conscious about making time for each other.
  • For each anniversary, they try to get away for a mini-vacation.
  • Every couple of weeks, they have a kid-free date night.
  • James and Christine are intentional about creating time for each other.
  • They do something simple every night even if it’s just a movie.


Take Breaks!”

  • Being able to spend time with family and friends is the ‘why’ behind the entrepreneurial drive.
  • You can’t be working on the business 24-7.  You will burn out.
  • Giving yourself a break to spend time with loved ones will actually spur and refresh your creativity.


What’s His Superpower

  • James is ‘Honest Man’-he’s brutally honest.   He believes everyone deserves the truth, no matter who they are.

Where You Can Find James

His website:  www.jamestew.me



Susie’s website:  www.susiemiller.com

Susie’s book: www.listenlearnlovebook.com