On faith

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #018

On Faith, Family AND Business! w/ Jackie Bledsoe

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Jackie Bledsoe shares about how faith and family are the foundation of his business. Jackie discusses the importance of how good communication with your spouse, and having faith that God is in control can forge a stronger marriage in the midst of inevitable struggles in life and business.

Jackie’s Bio

  • Professional blogger, author and speaker
  • A husband and father, who encourages men to lead and love their families through his blog, Lead & Love the Ones Who Matter Most.
  • Co-host with his wife: 7 Rings of Marriage web show
  • Author of The 7 Rings of Marriage, (publication: Feb 2016)
  • Contributor to All-Pro Dad, Disney’s Babble, the Good Men Project, and Huffington Post
  • They are a work-from-home AND homeschooling family, who seek to integrate family into everything, not the other way around.

The Positives of Being an Entre-Spouse

  • Writing about marriage and family, brings another level of accountability to investing in those relationships.
  • Consistent message of “practice of what you preach.”
  • Integrating and sharing in all aspects of business and family life with his wife.

Unique Challenges of Being An Entre-Spouse

  • Exercising caution when sharing personal information about his wife and kids in his writing and speaking.
  • Overwhelming his wife and family with entrepreneurial excitement, opportunities, and ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time working alone, and often seek feedback at times when our spouse has already ‘turned off’ for the day.

Navigating the Waters

  • Marriage is always a work in process.
  • Work to understand your spouse’s personality type-you may be polar opposites in how you view and process things.
  • Keeps a journal in Evernote of ideas that his wife can access at her convenience, rather than bombard her with thoughts and ideas as they come to him.
  • Uses Evernote to keep track of gift and date ideas.
  • Uses Nozbe software to share articles and posts for her feedback.

Mentoring Others

  • Involved in a variety of entrepreneurial businesses since 2003, but Jackie’s wife wasn’t really engaged and passionate in ones.
  • A lot of their peers look to them for marriage guidance.
  • The 7th ring of marriage is Mentoring, which they actively pursue and offer.
  • Although he’s a private person, he has become very transparent about their struggles.

Forging the Bonds During the Struggles

  • Not blaming one another-no pointing fingers
  • They spent A LOT of time together just because of the circumstances and learned to rely on and support each other.
  • They trusted God to act in their lives

Susie Gives Insight on A Big Question for Jackie

  • Susie really believes we need mentors that are ahead of us on the path.
  • It’s really important for the ‘betrayed’ spouse to understand it is not their fault if their partner pursues infidelity or an addiction.
  • A lot of people are afraid to admit that they are struggling with something that’s considered pretty ‘ugly’ but that is the first step for creating change.
  • Infidelity and addiction are big issues that don’t have ‘quick-fix’ answers.  It is best to seek out a specialist and a community for support.

Advice for Spouses of Entrepreneurs

  • There are going to be ups and downs and it can be an emotional roller coaster.
  • Realize that although everything seems ‘together’ on the surface, entrepreneurs may not know all that is going on or wrong in the marriage.
  • Spousal support and encouragement is vital to entrepreneurial success.


What’s His Superpower?

  • To humbly share the good and the bad

Where You Can Find Jackie

A special page just for Susie’s listeners at www.jackiebledsoe.com/betterrelationships

PLUS info about:

  •  Lifeway Marriage Getaway: Jackie and his wife will be speaking Oct 9th and Oct 16th
  • His book, The 7 Rings of Marriage, which releases Feb 1st 2016
  •  7 Rings of Marriage Bible Study program

Web Show:  7 Rings of Marriage

Additional Resources

For Evernote: www.evernote.com

For Nozbe:  www.nozbe.com


Susie’s website:         www.susiemiller.com

Susie’s book:             www.listenlearnlovebook.com