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Better Relationship Podcast Episode #023

A Personal Growth Creates Success with Erin Casey

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)


Erin Casey, of My Writers Connection , shares about how her personal journey of growth paved the way for her successful and fulfilling marriage! She highlights the benefits of being an entrepreneur: more  time and flexibility to pursue other activities like faith, service, and volunteering, the freedom to be physically and emotionally available for her friends and family and the adventure of working anywhere in the world. it wasn’t always easy- but the work to grow and create the life of her dreams was worth it!

Erin’s Bio

  • Erin is an author, editor and book coach who, for the last decade, has helped businesses and individuals navigate the book-writing process from an idea to final publication.
  • She is the ‘Chief Instigator’ at ‘My Writers’ Connection’, where she provides resources, advice and inspiration to aspiring authors.
  • Erin’s book, Get Personal: The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story draws on her own story-telling experience to help others share what God is doing in their lives and inspire others.
  • Her location-independent career allowed her family to spend 18 months in Ireland, volunteering with a small Christian church.
  • She loves what she does because she is never bored! Erin believes everyone has their own story to tell, and she loves helping them do so.

Her Marriage

  • Erin and her husband were set-up by friends and were married within 6 months of meeting each other.
  • They had both been married before and had children from their previous marriages.
  • They were both very young during their first marriages and it wasn’t until after divorce that they really got to know themselves as individuals.
  • She doesn’t recommend that everyone get married within 6 months. You’re still in the ‘lovey-dovey’ stage and getting to know each other- so hard work is on the horizon.
  • Erin shares how doing the work of personal growth helped her be more prepared for marriage.

Navigating The Waters

  • Erin is an optimist, while her husband is more realistic, which caused differences as they began to build their married life together.
  • With both of them coming from previous marriages, both Erin and her husband were hesitant to have the hard conversations, but knew it was essential to a healthy marriage.
  • In the moment, ‘stuffing it’ feels so much easier, but this evenutally causes anger and resentment to build.
  • Erin worked on about learning when and how to approach her husband to have the serious conversations
  • It took them some time to build their relationship to where it’s a lot easier to navigate the hills and valleys of marriage.

Knowing Yourself

  • Knowing yourself makes you a much stronger person in your marriage and your business.
  • This helps you to identify who you ‘want to be’ and recognize when you’re not behaving accordingly.
  • You can’t change another person -the only things you can control are your attitude and your response!


Challenges of Being an Entre-Spouse Couple

  • As an entrepreneur, you’re really excited about everything you’re doing and want to share it.
  • Both Erin and her husband work from home, but it took her awhile to realize that they were not suited to work in the business with each other.
  • The ups-and-downs of entrepreneurial income are a huge responsibility.

Entrepreneurship as Her “Other Love”

  • It probably took her longer than it should have for her to let go of her full-time job.
  • Erin was always ‘busy’ or ‘working’ and that hurt some of her relationships.
  • She was used to that steady paycheck which made the ebb-and-flow of entrepreneurship not as scary in the early days.
  • When she made the leap, her husband was supportive as they worked to sustain their financial stability.
  • Her family noticed that Erin had a lot more time for them, both physically and emotionally.
  • Erin really believes in entrepreneurship and wants her children to see that they have control over their income and freedom.

‘Location Independent’

  • Because her business allows her to work from anywhere, she had the opportunity to move her family to Ireland for 18 months.
  • The freedom and flexibility to still earn an income while doing what’s important to you is amazing!
  • This season in Ireland was also a time for them to strengthen their faith and their marriage, as they served together.
  • They learned to rely on each other more and share their fears because they had no external relationships when they first moved to Ireland.

What’s Her Superpower?

  • In business, Erin knows exactly what she’s good at – getting to the overarching message of someone’s story.
  • Overall, Erin’s superpower is: She is an optimist and focuses on the bright side of things. The way you choose to look at the world makes a difference in everything that you do.


Where You Can Find Erin

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