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Better Relationship Podcast Episode #044

 Driving Toward Relationship Results w/ Phil Pollard

Show Notes:

Phil Pollard, founder of Ideal Life Group, discusses his personal journey from driving trucks to driving toward relationship results.  Facing a second divorce propelled him toward self awareness and subsequent investments in growing strong relationships.  Phil shares with honesty and candor some life experiences that kick started his personal journey into understanding how to get more out life, and relationships. Phil is trained in NLP and helps people assess and change their thoughts to reshape their lives and future happiness.


  • Phil shares what he calls "The 3 Key Relationship Strategies."
  • Relationships are the key to life, from the ones you have with your family, to the ones you have with your work mates and your social circle.
  • Some relationships often show up as hard work and the easy option can be to walk away.
  • Without personal growth, it's likely the very same issues will  pop up again in the next relationship, unless they are addressed.
  • Remember: our thoughts shape our lives and future happiness.

5125Uog1xyL__SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Phil is the author of Launch into Your Ideal Life:
If you are at a turning point in your Life, or just want more clarity and direction, or want to restore your passion, THEN this book is written with you in mind. The book looks at why we think the way we think and how to transform that in the areas of your life that you need to, while restoring your true power. You will also find a way to become unstoppable and live a life of meaning that will be uniquely yours.




Phil grew up in Melbourne, Australia, drove trucks and worked within the sales area of the interstate and international transport industry for most of his life. He was on the verge of second divorce, and being broke for a third time when he stopped playing the blame game, and discovered a complete new view of life.

He learned about human behavior as much as he could, starting with his own, then training and coaching others to have an extraordinary life without limits.

With well over a decade of training and coaching experience, Phil Pollard has an insightful understanding and a sincere interest in human nature. Phil is a commanding relationship and mindset coach, who knows what it takes to make people excel and achieve their goals in every area of life.

Phil is a fully qualified trainer and coach in the area of Personal Breakthroughs and Neuro Associative Conditioning as well as a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Phil is committed to integrity while revealing seemingly invisible barriers in his clients, and then giving them the skills to move past those barriers and into their own powerful future. He is known to understand what makes individuals, couples and businesses excel, and win in the area of relationships.

Phil has recently been training the long term unemployed in having the right mindset to assist them in getting into the workforce and travelling to remote Australian communities, to assist the indigenous in mentor programs, as well as working with couples to solve their relationship issues. Phil is also doing corporate training and having fun exploring the relationships between managers and staff, and the all-important customer relationships.

Phil is the owner of Relationship Result and is on the verge of launching his premier program ‘From Ordinary to WOW’

Phil has a Commitment to Integrity and Has Been Delivering Inspirational Sessions to All His Clients for Over a Decade

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