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Better Relationship Podcast Episode #042

Shift Your Mindset to Improve Relationships with Kim Ades

Show Notes:

Kim Ades, CEO & Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal Engine Software, shares how our frame of mind is essential to building successful relationships. She uses the unique tool of online journaling to offer “just in time” coaching to her clients and gain extra insights into her clients frame of mind so she can help them create change and extraordinary results.


Kim Ades is president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal EngineTM Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mother of five, Kim is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance through thought mastery and mental focus. By using her unique process of integrating online journaling in her coaching, Kim helps her highly-driven clients to examine and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.

Wisdom from Kim:

  • Your mindset dramatically impacts your relationships.
  • Kim offers an assessment that help you understand where you are and where you want to go. This provides a large amount of data that accelerates personal growth.
  • Increased self-awareness equips people to make a choice about their behavior and then change their relationships and engagements.
  • If you are driven to succeed in relationships, start with yourself.
  • Frame of Mind Coaching includes a unique online journaling element which enables Kim to develop deeper relationships with her clients and offers “just in time” coaching.
  • Relationships, both personal and professional, are highly influenced by the way you think about what’s happening in an interpersonal sense.
  • Other people are not responsible for our happiness or our feelings.
  • View conflict as a healthy and useful process to move forward in order to for people to live their desires and pursue a common goal.

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Action Step for better Relationships in Business, Life & Love:

Answer these questions:

  1. What do I really want out of this relationship?
  2. What would my life be like if it were like this? Am I happy living without it- is that okay with me if I never got that in this relationship?
  3. What is preventing me from having what I am looking for in this relationship?

These questions offer insight into your mindset, limiting beliefs, preconceived notions about how relationships should be, and helps identify what needs to shift.

Kim’s invitation:

“If anyone dos this journaling exercise, and bold enough to send it to me, I will spend 30 minutes with you reviewing it.”

Simply send an email to her @ with the subject line: “I did the journaling assignment and I want you to review it please.”

Be sure to tell her you heard these questions on the fabulous interview on The better Relationship Podcast.

After spending time talking with Kim, I can assure you that this offer of 30 min with her is invaluable. So don’t be shy and take her up on it!


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