brp-039-grant baldwin

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #039

Balancing Business and Family with Grant Baldwin

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Grant Baldwin of The Speaker Lab has  built a successful speaking career and business without sacrificing his marriage or family  relationships.  Grant focuses on being intentional in life and in business and believes success happens when you live according to your values.  For Grant, this means making his wife & kids a priority and nurturing business relationships as the path to achieving his personal and professional goals.

Grants Bio

  • Grant is the former podcast host of ‘How Did You Get Into That?’, and just launched ‘The Speaker Lab’.
  • As a speaker, Grant has presented at over 400 conferences and given over 1000 presentations.
  • Although he loves his career, Grant’s favorite roles are as a husband and father.
  • He has been married to Sheila for 14 years and they have 3 daughters.

Marrying His High School Sweetheart

  • Grant believes that marrying young growing up together has been very beneficial for their marriage
  • They’ve seen each other at their best and worst and learned together how to compromise.
  • They both experienced their parents divorcing while they were dating.
  • They had each other during that difficult time and it made them more intentional about their own marriage.

The Perks and Challenges of Being an Entre-Spouse

  • The reason that most marriages and businesses fail is because they are both hard work.
  • Success in either one doesn’t just magically happen.
  • Bad days are just part of life and relationships.
  • Grant admits that there’s always that tension between spending more time at work vs. home. But, family relationships make what you’re doing in business more fulfilling.
  • When business seems to be taking over, Grant and Sheila learned to ask “Is this a busy season?”
  • If it’s just a season, they can ‘tough’ it out. If not, they make some intentional changes
  • Sheila is good at giving Grant subtle nudges when he gets too involved in work.
  • Grant’s children are homeschooled because it fits in with the family’s entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • He has the luxury and benefit of being with his kids throughout the day

Tips for Connecting While ‘On the Road’

  • Grant tries to keep his trips really short and takes whatever flights can arrive home sooner.
  • He’s always in tune with the calendar and doesn’t travel on special events, like birthdays.
  • While traveling, Grant does a lot of Facetime, texting and talking with his family.
  • Grant makes sure Sheila gets ‘Mommy Time’ before and after he leaves for speaking gigs.
  • He realizes that when he’s gone, he gets to watch TV alone, eat alone.
  • Grant wants Sheila to be able to have the same freedom and time to unwind.
  • Grant and Sheila have date nights once every week or two without the children.

Don’t Go After Gigs-Go After Relationships

  • In the rush to get bookings, it’s easy to forget that speaking is a relationship business.
  •  Speaking is a long-term game, so intentionally growing relationships is key.
  • Speakers get booked because they are great to work with, not on speaking talent alone.
  • Grant builds rapport by being genuinely interested in clients and attending conferences.
  • Emails and calls are great relationship builders but nothing beats meeting people in person.
  • Grant does have strategic business partnerships, for example, with other speakers.
  • Building authentic relationships in the face of business can be tricky to navigate.
  • Grant always ‘checks in’ with his motives when building business relationships, pursuing those folks he believes in and is genuinely interested in building a friendship.

The Speaker Lab

  • Grant’s website and podcast geared toward helping new and veteran speakers succeed.
  • Public speaking is a big fear for many and Grant helps demystify the process.
  • A lot of people think speakers are ‘naturals’ and don’t have the butterflies-most speakers get nervous.
  • Grant enjoys coaching speakers to improve their craft, and the Speaker Lab has lots of resources.
  • Grant helps people overcome their fears of public speaking.

Where You Can Find Grant

Susie’s website:

Susie’s book: