One Extraordinary MarriageBetter Relationship Podcast Episode #034

ONE Extraordinary Marriage with Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

 Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, of ONE Extraordinary Marriage, share candidly about how intentionally increasing their sexual intimacy led to a more fulfilling marriage, better communication and a thriving business! Investing time, energy and growth to create an extraordinary marriage can equip a couple to weather the unique seasons and challenges of business and family life.

Tony and Alisa’s Bio

  • Tony and Alisa have been married for 19 years and live in San Diego with their two teen children.
  • They are the best-selling authors of the book, 7 Days of Sex Challenge, on Amazon.
  • Tony and Alisa are the podcast co-hosts, best-selling authors and co-founders of ‘One Extraordinary Marriage’, a leading all-inclusive source for couples on sex, love and commitment.
  • Their mission is to save a million marriages around the world

It Started as a Hobby….

  • Tony and Alisa had gone through a ‘mess’ in their own marriage.
  • They had contemplated divorce twice, lost a child, and were $50K plus in debt at one point.
  • Around 11 years in, they had to decide whether to ‘just exist’ or to take action,
  • Shortly after, Tony and Alisa were slated to teach a class on sex at their church.
  • At the same time, Tony caught a news show of other couples doing a ’60 Day Sex Challenge’.
  • Tony was intrigued but Alisa’s immediate reaction was “No-I’m way too exhausted!”

Alisa’s ‘God’ Moment

  • The next day, Alisa realized that if she wasn’t even willing to try then her marriage was over.
  • The Sex Challenge made them be really intentional about their marriage.
  • She knew that she had give just as much because Tony wasn’t going to initiate 60 days in a row.
  • Tony had to figure out her communication styles.
  • Tony and Alisa had to learn how to break out of their routines

Considering Sex in a New Light

  • There’s a distorted view of what spontaneity looks like in marriage.
  • Tony and Alisa had to schedule time together, navigating around having 2 small children.
  • Communicating encouragement to your spouse can help you both see yourselves in a new light.
  • Culture and media tell us that we’re all wired the same and will respond the same sexually.
  • Understanding that’s not true and how to communicate with your spouse on their level will increase your intimacy.
  • Our culture encourages us to put only our best selves forward.
  • It can be scary to become vulnerable with each other.
  • When their marriage became the safest place, Tony and Alisa’s emotional intimacy blossomed.

The Highs and Lows of Being in Love AND Business

  • Business can quickly ‘take over’- Tony and Alisa make sure they find time for each other.
  • They put time for each other on their calendars. If they don’t, it won’t happen.
  • Tony and Alisa call a ‘time out’ on business discussions during their ‘together’ time.
  • Alisa believes that there are seasons when the business mistress will take over.
  • But, when your marriage is strong, you have the emotional resources to handle those demands.
  • Tony believes both spouses need someone ‘outside’ the business to dump on.
  • It’s helpful to have your own mentors to bounce ideas off of, to get a different perspective.

Real-Time Strategies for Entre-Spouses

  • Tony and Alisa handle disagreements with real ‘pros and cons’ discussions.
  • Tony and Alisa’s strategy is to go for a walk instead of staring at each other across the office.
  • Having defined roles in their business decreases friction.
  • They each work on areas that match their strengths. Alisa creates content while Tony does more hands-on implementation.

Communication Strategies Work Across the Board

  • The communication strategies that work in business translate to marriage and family.
  • Both Tony and Alisa try to use the same communication strategies with their children.
  • Sometimes it works, but there are 4 very strong-willed individuals living in their home!
  • They firmly believe that kids need the influence of both parents.
  • There are times when you need to cede control to your spouse because they are better equipped.
  • You’ve never ‘arrived’. It’s an ongoing journey where you’re always trying to find balance.

Key Advice for Other Couples in Business

  • You’re being intentional about developing your career.
  • If you want to have a great marriage, you have to bring the same focus into your relationship.

What Are their Superpowers?

  • For Tony, the glass is always half-full, even on the lowest days. His superpower is hope and belief that there’s always something better ahead.
  • Alisa is all about taking action for herself and others. Her superpower is speaking life into other people’s goals and dreams and encouraging them to take that first step.

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