Feng shui for better relationshipBetter Relationship Podcast Episode #028

 Feng Shui for Better Relationships with Cathi Hargaden

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Cathi Hargaden, the owner of Wealthy Spaces, helps individuals and businesses transform their lives, careers and relationships through the ancient principles of Feng Shui.  Cathi’s shares how your environment can literally change your life and thus relationships.  Using energy and balance, implementing Feng Shui design can positively alter the relationship you have with yourself and attract the right people into your life.

Cathi’s Bio

  • Cathi is an international expert in the ancient art of Feng Shui and the host of the Feng Shui Mastery Podcast.
  • Cathi’s work helps clients increase revenue, reduce stress, resolve conflicts, improve health and even their relationships!
  • Cathi’s expertise will help you to understand more about yourself, your business, your personal development and how Feng Shui impacts your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Cathi’s inspiration stemmed from her youth in inner-city Liverpool, England.
  • Cathi realized how the space around you can actually influence your temperament, your quality of life, and your inspirations and aspirations.
  • Cathi also realized that no matter what environment you’re in, the most important environment is that which you have within yourself.


What is Feng Shui and Why Does it Matter? 

  • Feng Shui is a 4,000-year old Chinese philosophy that influenced how dynastic building design.
  • The concept behind Feng Shui is to bring a piece of heaven down unto Earth.
  • Feng Shui is vitally important because what you surround yourself with influences your moods, emotions and even your intellect.


‘Making Space’ 

  • Feng Shui is a spiritual philosophy all about space-if you don’t have space around you, you don’t have space within you.
  • Many people tend to ‘clutter’ their surroundings with mementos and reminders of our past.
  • But, in order to attract new things into your life, you have to have open space both inside and outside.


Energy and Balance 

Feng Shui comes from I Ching, or The Book of Changes which demonstrates, purely through symbols, that we live in a world of duality.

  • The concept of Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine) originate with the I Ching.
  •  In your environment, you need a balance of both the yin and yang.
  • We have 5 different energies within our life to varying degrees: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood.
  • Each energy has a yin and yang component.
  • If you have one element that is almost completely missing, that one can make all the difference in how you relate to people.
  • So, the goal becomes:  how do we bring that energy into our world?


What Your Environment Says About You 

  • The environments that we set up actually represent something about ourselves.
  • Disorganization indicates a lack of clarity and focus while extreme structure indicates a craving for control.
  • Color brings a sense of being in touch emotionally.
  • Plants indicate a wish to keep nurturing and growing.


How Your Environment Affects Your Relationships

  • Your environment can reflect a very isolated separateness; there’s no connectedness with the outside world or a special person.
  • So, Feng Shui tells us that we have to put symbolic connectedness into our environment to resonate actual connectedness with the outside world.


Practical Applications-Steps to Attract the Right People

  • Feng Shui is all about creating the right energy, vibration and frequency to attract the right people into our lives.
  • The first step is to clear the clutter.   You have clutter because you’re holding onto something emotionally.
  • Clean your space.  If you are in conflict, this step is a must.  ‘Clearing the air’ can improve existing relationships.
  • Look at your walls-have photos or artwork that portray groups and gatherings of people.
  • Have a little bit of all of the elements in your space to achieve balance.


Where You Can Find Cathi

Her website:  www.wealthyspaces.com


Susie’s website:  www.susiemiller.com

Susie’s book: www.listenlearnlovebook.com