Pivoting into Your Purpose

The Better Relationship Podcast-Episode 27 

Pivoting into Your Purpose with Rick Martinez 

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Rick Martinez is the founder of BINK, helping entrepreneurs identify the pivotal moments in their life and turning them into PURPOSE!  Rick talks about his own pivotal moment that sparked BINK’s creation and how it’s been the driving force for where he is today.  Running the business with his wife has been an amazing experience and she is the one who keeps him grounded.  Rick loves what he does and hopes that he has also inspired his children to believe in the entrepreneurial spirit.  

Rick’s Bio

Rick is a nurse, Army veteran, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and the founder of Project BINK.

  • Rick’s early business success prompted the San Antonio Business Journal to name him one of the city’s “40 under 40”, and his first company, a medical services contracting company would go on to become one the SBA’s Top 100 Small Business companies.
  • Rick was also awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for his public service, further embodying his spirit of giving back.
  • Rick has been married to his wife, Lisa, for over 14 years and they have 3 children.


The Genesis of BINK


  • Rick’s idea for BINK was the result of a combination of entrepreneurial success, catastrophic injury, and re-examining his life’s purpose.
  • After the sale of his medical services company, Rick felt lonelier than he had in ages, which conflicted with how he thought he should have felt about reaching that proverbial moment.
  • While on a quest for the ‘answer’, Rick’s leg was crushed during a weightlifting competition, an injury that required intensive rehab.


While talking to someone at an event about the injury, Rick flicked a wineglass-it made a ‘bink’ noise that stopped everyone.   


The word, ‘Bink’, for that time-stopping moment, stuck and helped Rick formulate the idea of BINK, a  simple 4-step process for figuring out your purpose:

  • B-Become Aware
  • I-It means something
  • N-New Action
  • K-Knowledge Sharing

Today, Rick’s pivotal moment has inspired and become a community helping entrepreneurs live a life of purpose-driven happiness.


Challenges of Being EntreSpouses

  • Rick and his wife Lisa work in the business together out of their home.
  • Rick knows Lisa is smarter than him and makes more sense and so he’s had to push his ego aside, something he literally makes a part of his morning routine!
  • One of their major differences is that Rick is always turned ‘on’ to ideas and could give up nights of sleep entirely.
  • Lisa has to tell him that she wants him to turn it off and relax and recharge.
  • Two easy things that Rick does to come down in the evenings are to maintain a rigorous fitness program and to use ‘blue blockers’, which turn your brain off to external stimuli.

The ‘Good Stuff’ 

  • Another difference is that Rick can be too much of a risk-taker, which does cause tension between them, but he realizes it would be catastrophic for both of them to be ‘high-flyers’.
  • Rick knows that best things come out of that yin/yang balance.
  • Even though marriage isn’t always ‘easy, Rick views it as being ‘good work’ and it’s the banner he will take up every day because it is worth it.
  • Rick views his marriage as a gift that he’s always unwrapping.


Juggling Work and Family

  • Rick and Lisa take time out to engage in personal fitness training 3x a week-2 to 3 hours of being ‘together’ outside of the business and parenting.
  • Rick and Lisa still go out for ice cream together, a tradition that goes back to their first date!
  • Although his children are now almost all grown, they still take one family vacation a year.
  • Rick has always tried to incorporate what he loves to do with his family activities and he thinks he’s been successful at imparting the spirit of entrepreneurship to his children.

Who is His Mentor? 

  • COO and Pastor, Mike Sharrow guided Rick on his ‘Christian walk’
  • Rick values the insight and guidance he’s gained from Mike’s company on his spiritual journey

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? 

  • We all have huge potholes in the road and we think we’re going to lose everything.  You’re going to make it through them!
  • Keep your head up, stay strong, understand where your beliefs land every day and you’re going to make it through shining.

What is His Superpower

  • It’s his smile-it just makes other people want to smile.  A smile is a smile in any language.

Where You Can Find Rick

His website:  www.thehustleblueprint.com


Susie’s website:  www.susiemiller.com

Susie’s book: www.listenlearnlovebook.com