Emotional Connections

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #016

Writing Your Way to Emotional Connection w/ Sarah Grear

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Sarah Grear, of Creative Custom Writing, Inc. talks with Susie about using creativity, intention and strategy in your online business presence, and the importance of making emotional connections with your readers and clients.

Sarah’s Bio

  • A creative writer, public speaker and published author, Sarah helps people Amplify Your Brand!
  • Sarah’s focus is on helping online entrepreneurs change viewers into clients by making an emotional connection using creative and persuasive copy writing.
  • Sarah has a background filled with creativity- she is a former ballet teacher and travel blogger, as well as having worked for every major museum in Los Angeles.

On Being Intentional With Your Online Presence

  • The online world allows us to determine how much or how little we want to share with potential clients.
  • Too many people try to keep up with the “Facebook Jones’s” in sharing personal details; it comes from comparing ourselves to others instead of being confident in ourselves and our businesses.
  • Oversharing details of your personal life can be damaging to your personal relationships, so it is important to be aware and share wisely.
  • Instead, focus on those personal details that speak to your brand. If it doesn’t fit with your brand, simply don’t include it.
  • Everyone on your Facebook page is a potential client or a referral-don’t include information that will alienate them.
  • What you include and share makes a huge difference in the way people perceive you and your brand and can determine your success.

The Importance and Value of Good Copywriting and How It Impacts Relationships

  • Subcultures are really exciting to her. Finding your subculture and niche will help you focus your business strategy.
  • It’s important to know your ideal client and what’s important to them. Once you know that, you can reach them emotionally by writing what speaks to them.
  • See observes that the most successful brands give a ‘name’ to their movement that clients can identify with and feel part of a tribe.
  • The brand ‘story’ has to be told in a way that leads someone to want to become a part of what you’re offering.
  • The ‘About’ page is the most important page on your site-it is opportunity to engage emotionally with your readers and have them ‘Opt-In’ to be a part of your movement.

Building a Team For Entrepreneurs

  • One valuable asset a copywriter brings is a ‘second set’ of eyes that can let you know what clients want to hear.
  • Many entrepreneurs have a tendency to want to do it ‘all’ , but, it is impossible to wear all the hats.
  • Building a team and relationships that let us focus on our strengths can get us farther ahead faster

Turning ‘Off’ The Creative Brain and Finding Balance

  • In terms of client projects, there are some that will trigger her into working ‘non-stop.’
  • Sarah asks herself,  “Why is this project so important to me?” which helps her take a step back and prioritize.
  • Inspiration comes for her… anywhere at any time.
  • Her family is very understanding of her love for her business.
  • It’s a balancing act between what works best for her and what’s best for her family.
  • “Worry about the important things-not the urgent things.”

One Final Thought From Sarah

“Give from your overflow not from your well.” (Rumi)

In other words, you need to take care of yourself first, before you can help others.

Where You Can Find Sarah

Connect with Sarah on her Website:   http://www.sarahgrear.com

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Many of Sarah’s clients have said this resource is not only great for their businesses, but it has also helped them define the relationships they’d like to see in their own lives.


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