Communication & Compromise

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #013

Communication & Compromise are Essential for Success

w/ Joel Boggess & Dr. Pei Kang

Show Notes: (by R. Pumphrey)

Joel and Dr. Pei, of ReLaunch talk about the importance of communication and compromise in creating a successful business. They candidly share how recognizing and embracing their differences as strengths enriched their marriage and business. Joel and Dr. Pei have completely different approaches to how they handle situations and problems, but by learning to appreciate the other’s viewpoint and welcoming compromise, they’ve built a very successful business together.


  • Joel is a podcaster, a best-selling author, a seasoned media pro, and an expert in helping other authors, podcasters, and content creators in becoming known In their niche.
  • Dr. Pei was born in mainland China and academically trained as a dentist. She emigrated by herself to the US in 1998, working full-time as a dentist for 10 years and owning her own practice for 8 of them.
  • Together, Joel and Dr. Pei are the podcasting team behind ReLaunch.
  • His latest book, Finding Your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in 3 categories: success, self-esteem, and happiness all in the same hour on the same day!
  • If you’d told Dr. Pei 13 years ago that she would be podcasting, speaking, coaching, and developing business systems full time she would have had no clue what you were talking about.
  • They currently live in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and have 2 retired therapy dogs.

What is ReLaunch?

  • A podcast/show full of fresh ideas, turning point stories, and practical steps and solutions from today’s most inspiring self-made successes.
  • Within 12 days of the podcast’s initial blast-off, it soared up the ladder on iTunes to grab the #1 spot in business, the #1 spot in education, and the #1 spot in health.
  • They just celebrated the show’s 1-year anniversary and, at last check-in, have sailed pasted the 840K plays mark.

Challenges of Being an EntreSpouse (Susie’s term for: Married to you and the business!)

When they first married, Joel was finishing up his graduate school and Pei was still in dental school.

  • Because her parents in China always had 2 totally different jobs, she didn’t think twice about the dynamics of a marriage or work-life balance when spouses have totally separate careers.

As their careers developed, Dr. Pei found that she had significant free time and started to help him grow his business.

  • While Joel is great with people, being organized and developing the business itself are more Pei’s strengths.
  • They are very driven, entrepreneurial, and service-oriented but they are polar opposites in the way they manage things. “If we don’t kill each other, we make a great team”.
  • Joel wears his emotions on his sleeve. He has learned that they approach tasks and problem-solve differently. They work together but not “together”.
  • Pei is a thinker- analytical, resourceful and independent. Joel is a talker, and that’s hard for her because she needs quiet time.

Navigating Tension In An Entre-Marriage (Married with Business as Susie calls it!)

  • Through a lot of communication, they have identified their strengths and weakness and how to compromise effectively.
  • Pei is very steadfast in the way she approaches tasks and situations. Joel is just as committed to his approach. Thus, they want the same end result but have totally different roads to get there.
  • While Pei appears to be the calmer person, she acknowledges that in the real disagreements, Joel is actually the one who calms the storm.
  • Sometimes, Pei processes things so logically that she doesn’t get in touch with her heart.
  • Joel has a way of giving her space and then getting her to see his more in-touch viewpoint when they come back together.

What Drew Them Together

Although they approach problems differently and have different strengths, they have essential things in common.

  • They share values in the way that they serve people.
  • They don’t wait for other people to do things. They take the initiative.
  • Pei appreciates Joel’s fun nature and creativity, as they complete the side of her that’s so serious.

Their Advice for Entrepreneurs Feeling Relationship Tension     

Pei:   Open up with each other, talk about your dream together. This is not one of her strengths, but that’s something that Joel has done well in their marriage.

Joel:  Don’t try to fix your spouse-just embrace them.

This is the person God put into your life. Be grateful for them and the opportunity to learn and grow.

About ReLaunch- The Podcast

ReLaunch is actually their 9th show, not their first.  But, it’s the first one they’ve done together.

  • Joel has been in broadcasting for a significant part of his adult life.
  • Pei had a previous show on healthy living, but being on the mic alone wasn’t always that comfortable for her.
  • Dr. Pei’s dentistry career had become routine, and she knew she wanted to have a greater impact on a larger audience.
  • Together, Joel and Pei knew they wanted to provide inspiring stories, fresh ideas, and practical steps for people going through their own ‘re-launch’ and talking to people at the “top of their game” was really attractive to Pei.
  • They interview some of the most creative self-made successes out there.
  • This focus inspires their listeners. Hearing stories that are similar to theirs, give them someone to identify with, and offers their listeners hope!
  • “ If they can do it, I can do it too.” is the attitude and belief that ReLaunch provides.

Finding Your Voice (the book)

This #1 bestselling book on Amazon, is a collection of some of the best tools and resources that helped them find the ‘voice’, – the spiritual sound deep within their hearts.

  • People really have a hunger to get in touch with themselves at a deep level and Finding Your Voice is a guidebook to equip people with the tools to do so.
  • The last thing anyone needs is another ‘rule’ book. This is a guidebook for discovering your ‘purpose’.
  • You can begin to read this book at any point and immediately start to learn ideas and practical tips to help identify your personality style, passions, and talents.

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