One Choice Can Change Your LifeBetter Relationship Podcast Episode #010

This One Choice Could Change Your Life! w/  Dr Kenford Nedd

Show Notes:

Deciding to be happy can literally turn your life around. Happiness causes definitive changes in our brains and our bodies that can improve your health, your loved ones’ health and help you succeed in your relationships and business endeavors.

Dr. Nedd’s Bio

Dr. Nedd has been a private practitioner for several years in family behavioral medicine, involving both biofeedback and relaxation therapy.

He has inspired and entertained audiences at the national sales level, at meetings, leadership conferences, and executive retreats and annual meetings.

Corporations, associations, universities, healthcare institutions, civic and community organizations across the world have tapped into Dr. Ned’s unique ability to “bring yourself more fully to your life and your work”.

He’s a graduate of the Dalhousie University Medical Center, an active member of the Canadian Medical Association, and The American Association for the Study of Headaches, and the International Headache Society.

Dr. Ned brings a solid understanding of the human psychophysiological system to his meaningful and inspiring presentations.   He’s been the host of “Changes”, a TV show geared toward helping individuals discover the depths of their own greatness and also is regularly featured on radio shows in the CBC Network (Canada).

Dr. Nedd On His Life’s Work

He feels every day that he is just incredibly blessed because his ‘job’ is to help people to get the most out of their lives.

He gets to show them how to enjoy themselves and how to enjoy other people. He believes that we are on the planet to enjoy each other and to enjoy ourselves.

Did you know that just by deciding when you meet people that you’re going to be really happy with them, that you’re going to stimulate happiness in THEM just by doing that.

And, you are stimulating Ig’s (immunoglobulins) in your own circulation that will help you to fight cancer and other diseases.

Happiness Is a Prescription for Health and Recovery

By being happy with others and learning how to build positive relationships and to get that bubbling spirit, that melody of joy and life, you are also getting healthy.

You run a 2-fold risk of dying just by entertaining negative thoughts.

In a 7-year study of 36 women with cancer, the ones that said “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer but I’m going to be happy anyway”, they lived on. And, the ones who entertained negative thoughts died rather quickly.   So, it’s important to embrace happiness.

Happiness causes an increase in certain hormones that will cause inflammation to leave the body.

  • Cytokines in your body cause inflammation. When you are happy, the inflammation goes down.
  • This is very, very important because inflammation is a prelude to diabetes, to cancer and even arthritis.
  • MicroRNA are molecules that circulate in our blood and if you have a lot it combats diseases, depression and anxiety.
  • Where do you get MicroRNA?
  • By deciding today that you’re going to be a happy person, you raise your levels and not only that you raise Ig’s.
  • Ig’s are the armies that the immune system uses to fight cancer and disease. They are much higher in those that make that crucial decision to be happy and rejoice.

The Definition of Happiness

Happiness really has 3 components: There’s pleasure, there’s happiness and there’s joy.

  • Joy is of the spirit. It’s really deep and internal.
  • Happiness is of the emotion.
  • Pleasure is more of the body/physical sensations.

To “Be happy”, what it means is that we trigger the chemistry of happiness. Because, we can be having an awful day and still trigger that chemistry.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can change the inner signals of our emotions by changing the outer actions of our body?

Assume the role of a happy person. If I were happy, how would I feel, how would I carry my shoulders, how would I behave? Start acting as if you’re happy and you will trigger that chemistry.

When you’re happy, you’re not ‘just’ happy.

There is a peptide that circulates in the body and you can control that peptide by doing certain things and thinking certain thoughts.

Gratitude and Happiness

Do this exercise for a week:

Just smile. Smile at everyone you meet and think grateful, happy thoughts for whatever you can. If you have back pain, say to yourself, well my right foot isn’t in pain. How cool is that? Aren’t I lucky to have this right foot?

You will start to think positive thoughts and your emotions will quite quickly change and you’ll notice it.

Gratitude is one of the hallmarks of the happy person.

  • When you’re in a relationship, especially those with spouses or children, people can really irritate you.
  • Whenever you’re upset by this person, just withdraw and write down 5 things that you’re grateful to them for.
  • The negative emotion will dissipate because gratitude is a very powerful emotion-it can help your relationship and help you to be happy.
  • And, happiness has physiological consequences.   The body functions differently.

How Happiness Can Help An Entrepreneur Or Busy Executive

Let’s say there are about 50-75 trillion cells in your body-no matter the amount of money or success you have, neither can make up for failure in your heart, in those 50 trillion cells of your body.

When you smile, when you’re happy, the trillions of cells function better.   There is a published study that shows that whenever you smile, the external carotid artery will constrict and it sends a message to the limbic system to the brain, down to the mid-brain, back up to the mid-forebrain bundle, down to the body to tell it that you’re smiling.

So, by deciding to be happy, you CAN change the function of the cells.

Just deciding to be happy is important.

Happiness causes more impulses go to the mid-prefrontal lobe, which causes more executive function, better decisions, and greater judgment.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur and you think you can go, go, go with no sleep and think to yourself, my family knows I love them, I don’t have to call home, etc., you are not only robbing them of joy and compromising your relationship, you’re robbing yourself of the kind of superior type of performance that you can get.

So, smiling and deciding to be happy has corresponding peptides that result in those types of better decisions.

Happiness and Professional Achievement and Success

Happiness affects the brain.

What’s going to make you money today is how great your judgment is and your ability to reason.

When you are happy, the cells have better oxygenation. So, happiness will actually enhance your performance.

Dr. Nedd on His Family and Career Success

The first thing in his life is never work. It’s love. It’s joy. It’s spirituality. It’s connection.

Dr. Nedd and his wife and children embrace happiness and practice that as a family, so it was always absolutely clear that there’s no amount of success or money that can make up for failures in his home.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or want to have, get the spirit. Feed your soul. Feed your life. The rest will follow much more easily.

The Formula For Bringing Success-it’s GREAT

GIVE-Become a giver. Give more of your money. Give more of your material ‘wealth’. Give more of yourself.

Relax more.

Empathize. We’re made to relate and love each other. 95% of the joy in your life will come from relationships .

Assume the role of a happy person.

Thankfulness. Be full of gratitude.

Today’s Take-Away’s

  • Happiness is the antidote to stress.
  • Happiness is relevant.
  • Happiness is pivotal

You are on the planet to be happy and enjoy the universe. That is why when you live in a state of happiness, your body thrives.

Deciding to be happy is the factor for determining how long you will live.

Happiness is a decision. This could be a life changing metamorphosis in your life.

A Tip from Susie

Take a minute this week and think of 3 things that you are thankful for. Feel free to comment and post on that on her website.

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