Losing Weight is EasyThe Better Relationship Podcast Episode #007

“Weight Loss is Easy!” with Nichole Kellerman Wurth

How our Relationships with our bodies Impact Everything (even weight loss!)

Show Notes:

Nichole Kellerman Wurth believes that losing weight is easy! The world and media have it wrong when it comes to weight loss. The way we view our bodies impacts our relationship with ourselves and others! Living wildly alive, relaxing, letting go of control and being kind to your body are the secret to weight loss. When we feel fabulous and we make healthier decisions.

Learn to accept your body and have some fun losing weight.

Relationship Stats: Newlywed

  • Struggled with her Body image: personal weight loss journey, unhealthy body image
  • Became a coach to help others

Relationship with Body and How it Impacts your Business, Life, and Relationsihps

Obsessed with business, Desperation in starting a biz led to relationship consequences

She wasn’t focused on her husband (then boyfriend) and he drew a line in the sand and said, don’t want you to quite your biz, but need to change the way we are together.

Nichole made the decision: “I choose you! I pick us!”

Shifted her focus to take care of herself and focus on relationship.

Long term struggle with weight and eating disorders, control as an addition vs. deal with the addictive behavior.

We are addicted to relief, and self destructive in our pursuit of success.

Battled with lack of self love, self worth. Learned that relinquishing control really helped her grow personally and helped save her relationship with Zach! Set boundaries in her business and her relationship improved.

Stopped working from desperation, and put her relationships first.

  • Zach’s philosophy with life inspired “Wildly Alive Weight Loss!”
  • She didn’t have any experience of this in her childhood. She was rigid, and controlling.
  • Her spouse taught her to live wildly alive and that impacted the direction of her business.

Falling in love again is a HUGE secret to success in long term marriage and relationship success!

When juggling growing a business and developing a strong relationship:

  • Need for boundaries, breaks, other priorities.
  • Give up control and trust that it will work out.
  • Boundaries in business is huge so you aren’t always focused on stress, fear. Instead, relax, relinquish control and have more than your business, trusting the Universe to move on your behalf.

Her business got better as her relationships with self and others improved.

Weight loss tip:

Don’t focus on losing weight, totally obsessed with losing weight

Just a little bit of feeling fluffy, (as Susie calls it) can derail a woman from feeling good about herself.

Our relationship with our self impacts everything.

How we treat out bodies matters!

Main stream media teaches us the wrong thing about weight loss.

  • Dieting, over exercise, restrictive, obsessive calorie counting- are all wrong. The focus is on the wrong thing.
  • First need Tools to succeed: then take personal responsibility
  • Disordered eating: eating when stressed, restricted eating, emotional eating
  • Exercise disorder: do this for the wrong reason

When you don’t enjoy how you look – see- I haven’t been living my life to the fullest- I am not having enough fun!

She learned what living was!

  • Compassion for her body
  • Lost weight
  • Grateful for her body
  • Relationship with food shifted

Stop thinking and get out of you head, get into your body, and your body will begin to balance out as you are living more wholly.

Have you seen: Dove Commercial: Hello Beautiful Door! 

Everyone is beautiful

When we are more at rest in our bodies, we are able to live into our power, our health,

How does a woman look at her body and start living when she has 25-30 lbs to lose:

  • When you feel fabulous you make fabulous choices
  • Body caving things – like food- needs something emotionally
  • Buy clothes that fit and make you feel fabulous – no matter what size!- you will make better decisions.

When we feel fabulous we don’t make self destructive decision.

Self care and self love and then weight will come off!

It’s not hard to lose weight- Nicole says

With the right tools it can be far easier

What about the woman who is very overweight?

Can they apply the same tools as if they have more weight to lose

Nichole answers: “It is about perspective!”

Buy clothes TODAY that make you feel fabulous!! Invest in cute clothes, and you will feel fabulous and then you can deal with the “they are too big” problem later! Tailor them, donate them, but get started doing kind things for yourself.

Stop equating your WORTH with the way your body looks! We need to respect our bodies, honor our bodies.

  • Her Aunt was dying of colon cancer and a Nicole realized her aunt would love a 200 lb body that is cancer free!
  • It is about perspective!
  • Our relationship with our bodies is what makes all the difference!

Your can’t feel fat” Fat isn’t a feeling.

  • Easier to beat up ourselves or our bodies rather than deal with the real issue at hand.
  • Fears can be hidden under self destructive behaviors
  • Are you seeking relief in food, or being fully alive in the relationship and life.
  • Don’t seek relief and instead seek to live! Fully alive, Wildly alive

Are you addicted to struggle, believing that life must be, should be hard? Are you willing to shift your mindset and grow beyond your past?

Hardship and depressive mindset about life won’t get you where you want to go in life, relationships or weight loss journey.

Hardship mindset vs. Struggle that comes with all growth! (seed coming up through the soil)

Be kinder to yourself and realized the self destruction as the core reason for weight issues.

What about someone who is just starting out?

What are 2 strategies for right now to move toward being Wildly Alive?

  1. Name your self sabotage voice- who is the hater: make her real, and as you do, you will listen other less! Personify the mean girl who is; Nicole calls her Helga.
  2. Have a morning routine, greet the day. Make space to pause before the day unfolds. Connect with yourself first thing and then you can live responsively rather than reactively!

How to connect with Nichole:

WildlyAliveWeightLoss.com to connect with Nichole!