Creating Affluence

The Better Relationship Podcast Episode #006

 Unlock the Code to Attracting and Creating Affluence!  with Alison Pena

Show Notes:

Do you equate Affluence with financial wealth? Do you believe Affluence is only for the chosen few or difficult to attain? Do you want more Affluence in your life but have little to no idea how to get it?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, Alison Pena, Your Affluence Catalyst, wants to help you create and attract Affluence in your life and enjoy Love AND Money!  Alison shares how our relationship with ourselves is the beginning of Affluence and offers tips and strategies to shift our mindsets to create congruence and enjoy affluence in our lives.

Relationship Stats:


  • Married for 19 years
  • When her husband was afraid things were going to well, he wanted to break up with her instead of getting engaged. Alison had a different idea!


  • Entrepreneur:  founder of Unit X, LLC parent company to The Affluence Code
  • Seeker of Adventure, Charity is her Lens

“”Limitless opportunity and limitless possibility wasn’t about money. It was about affluence.” Alison Pena

Grew up in a Wealthy family:

  • Wealth as a lifestyle was her only reality
  • She didn’t fit in with her peers
  • She saw and experienced struggles other than financial ones

Life Changing Encounter with a man in Harlem

She felt both Fear and Wonder:

  • Fear- so different from her world
  • Wonder: a diverse world than what she knew from her upbringing
  • Maybe there was more to Affluence than wealth

Affluence is NOT simply a birthright, luck or circumstances,

  • Oprah stated from nothing
  • Lotter winners can lose all their winnings

So what creates affluence?

  • Figure out what you love
  • If you won’t have wealth- financial resources – live in fear and contract and do less of what they love
  • Entrepreneurs: often have less than they have before and contract, cut things out, don’t have the lifestyle you hoped for.

Don’t lose the Magic of a Refrigerator Box: 

  • For kids: it’s a palace, fort, cave, time machine, imagination takes them everywhere.
  • Adults: lost the magic of possibility

Imagination is Crucial

Affluence is not Financial Wealth – Affluence IS Congruency and Lack of Struggle.

Affluence: starts with US:

  • Don’t link your value, identity to achievement, wealth, anything outside of yourself
  • Value is inherent in who we are. Foster that truth
  • Congruency in business and who we are makes life and business easier, even relationships

Be Willing to RISK in the search for AFFLUENCE:

  • financial
  • relationally
  • lifestyle
  • work

Fear of “It’s Going to Well:”

  • What do we do when we become comfortable with Struggle and are not willing to lean into Affluence
  • We avoid, sabotage, repel success, resist or question ease

Success in Business World is Tied to Success in Relationship (Susie’s book)

Alison’s  Affluence Wheel & 3 Lenses

  • 5 Areas of Struggle: Relationships, Business, Money, Time, Health
  • Affluence is a lack of Struggle in these areas

Alison teaches:  (video)

    Affluence is Love AND Money vs. Love OR Money


3 Lenses Everyone Has: How we interact in the world

Purpose:  when their work is going well, everything goes well,

  • identity is connected to purpose
  • they like structure
  • they are fixers
  • love is a distraction
  • driven by money, achievement

Love:  one on one connection, everything goes well

  • customer service/experience
  • heart driven, crisis in the world moves them to action
  • not driven by money itself, it needs to be translated in to experience- how they will experience the result of money


Charity:  when community is connected and meaningful, everything goes well

  • connection in community, into their network,
  • in crisis they look at context , activist, philanthropy
  • overflow oriented, generous with money


How does this apply to relationship? 

3 Lenses impact:

  • how we interact with others
  • how we interact with the world
  • what inspires/motivate us
  • choices we make in our endeavors
  • how we view/evaluate/judge others

View the video: “It’s Not about the Nail:”

Affluence Wheel:

  • We need to be mindful of what the different lenses need and then approach conversations, decisions, interactions accordingly.
  • Look at possibilities and choose what is congruent with who you are. Then the actions will be more effective.
  • Often we are living with incongruence.       Learning how we are wired and living from that place rather than trying to become who we think we should be, others say we should be.
  • Clarity is THE way to Love AND Affluence become once you know what you love, you can go get it!

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