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Better Relationship Podcast Episode #005

The Secret to Social Media Success!  with Special Guest Brian Basilico

Show Notes: Have you ever wondered why social media isn’t working for you or how to create better connections using social media?  Brian Basilico,  the Social Media Guru, shares why social media marketing isn’t working for you and The Secret to fix it!  Unpacking some tips and strategies from his new book, It’s Not About You, It’s About BACON! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World, Brian outlines how to make connections that convert, proving it really is All about creating better relationships!

Relationship Stats:


  • Married to Kim, for 14 years, but together for 17 year/ Kids:  2 adult children
  • What would your spouse say you do well in relationship? “I am protective of our time together, regardless of how busy life and business gets.”


  • Entrepreneur: Author/Speaker/Coach
  • President of B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc, – A consulting and production company focuses on helping companies and non-profits market their products and services through effectively using online tools, including social media.

Social Media and Marketing vs Social Interaction and Connection.

  • Focus on creating great professional relationships using Social Media and other marketing strategies, rather than on selling.
  • Importance of viewing and using Social Media – as a relationship building tool
  • Relationships with customers in “the old days” were key to success- personal and face to face, rather than transactional
  • How to build relationships on Social Media

bookNEW Book: It’s Not About You Its About BACON:  Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World. Relationship  building is a process

  • How to say “No.” while adding value
  • Social Media vs Social Networking:
  • Media is one directional, networking is two-directional
  • Tips for successful Social Media networking

The Secret:  “ACT like a human being in ALL your social Media Interactions.” Do the things you would do in your real life face to face relationships.  NO one goes to social media to see advertising or be sold!

  • Find commonalities in the social world.
  • Connect with likeminded folks on a personal level
  • Imagine sitting across from them
  • Most of us have a personal life and a business life, so let them into your personal life a bit and engage in theirs!

Build Personal Relationships via Social Media:   When you meet someone face to face, they get to know, like and trust you; how do you transfer that to social media interactions?

  • Get to them: personal conversations, comments and question!
  • How you can help them? Service oriented interactions.
  • Share personally about yourself, your interests as well as your work/biz
  • Over Deliver customer service, exceed expectations
  • Recommendation and refer them to others

What if I want to get to know someone I have never met face to face, or online, but want to connect with them?

  • Find the ways they use social media and get to know them and then try to connect with them accordingly.
  • Build the relationship and connect with them about them before you invite them to your store, or ask anything of them.

TWITTER:  is a great way to connect- chances are greater in this area

  • Observe. study, watch, read their stuff and let that guide how you interact with them, before you ever ask anything. (Learn them Skill in Susie’s book)
  • How can I serve you?
  • Show how “the ask” will benefit them

2 Tips to build “the like” on the three major Social Media  platforms:  Facebook , Twitter, Linked in. Facebook:  more pictures = more engagement

  • Post pictures in your comments and responses on their personal page
  • Post the most SHARABLE info you can and tips for evaluating that


  • Post a pic with your tweets
  • Use only 120 characters to leave room for others to share, or add hashtags

Linked In: more professional network

  • Post to your wall using pictures as well as articles
  • Share targeted information in your groups that specifically adds value

What about linking and sharing between platforms? Use of tools to blast an audience is not a great idea as it depersonalizes.  Remember:  the audiences are unique and success in social media requires personal engagement on our part.  Be human!

  • Scheduling posts is one thing, having an assistant to help is great, but the more you can do the better.
  • We need to be engaged with your audience to create relationships. Don’t’ outsource connections, comments and relationship building connection and comments
  • What are you priorities and purpose for engagement on each of the platforms.

Between platforms:

  • Linked in to twitter is good
  • FB to twitter is not great- can’t use hashtags
  • IG: hashtags are HUGE

Key: Know the platform and the audience How Brian builds Massive trust on one day a year! Beware of Oversharing, inappropriate or volatile topics. Use the principles of relationships on in Social Media! 11081207_10204683773188187_1101295358646060714_nHow to Connect with Brian: Find him on the all the Social Media platforms by searching : “Brian Basilico”

Brian’ s Business website: B2b Interactive marketing

Weekly podcast: The Bacon Podcast

Book: It’s Not About You, It’s About BACON!