Courageous Choices changes everything

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #004:  Courageous Choices Change Everything with Ace Chapman

Show Notes: Ace Chapman, of, shares about two important relationships in everyone’s life- romantic relationships AND relationship with our parents.  It doesn’t matter how old we get, a parents blessing”  holds a lot of weight and can give fuel to our dreams, while romantic relationships are challenging when we are married to the biz. Ace started his first business while in college, and shares how his folks handled his decision to drop out of college to focus full time on his business!  Tune in to hear about some courageous choices Ace made changed the trajectory of his life and business!” PLUS: Ace asks for some coaching insights to help him address the challenges of dating and romance with entrepreneurship! Including :

  • Rescuing small businesses is his expertise.  Ace purchased his first business at 19 years old, dropping out of college and dealing with the family fall out from that decision.
  • How this transition impacted his relationship with his parents.
  • All types of relationships can be improved – friends, parents, siblings, romance, kids- using Listen, Learn, Love.
  • College Degree = success  was the way he was raised, and yet found success as an entrepreneur.
  • We spend so much time trying to please others and that can keep us from making courageous choices!
  • Married to his business in the main dating years of college and mid 20’s.

We have a love/hate relationship with choice. Courage to leave college when business success was a possibility. Courage to change and take responsibility for our choices is Hard!! What contributed to his parents trust him and choose to support him?

  • Lesson for parents:  really know your kids, what is their bent, their natural tendencies, and how do we let go of our expectations and desires for them, and foster or support their dreams.

What is it like now after being married to the biz?  How did that impact his romantic relationships

  • Challenges:  vision for what his marriage would look like,
  • Sold businesses, successful entrepreneur
  • Found the lack of  “college” degree an issue in certain circles and relationships

Courage to end an engagement and stay true to himself. Able to put 2 significant relationship’s at risk due to his passion for entrepreneurship,  with different results. Courage to travel, find himself, figure out who he wanted to be and what a relationship would need to look like.

  • Men and Work:  huge link and importance of job love of work.

Challenge NOW – Ask Susie? Dating and Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurs aren’t excited about other peoples jobs, sometimes the excitement of entrepreneurship can be all consuming.
  • Entrepreneurship can result in a huge ego, may be a nice balance with non entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs say:  be excited with me or for me, how do I share my excitement with business… and what about when I am down!
  • Wisdom in sharing and timing.  How to juggle ego and needs when you are in a relationship.
  • Know yourself what you need, who you are AND know them as well.
  • Learn to communicate:  what we need and want with each other.

Entrepreneurs need a place to share the realities of being an entrepreneurs. Pursuing a unique relationships Ask Susie: What about long distance relationships?

  • Be aware of what you want in your relationship?
  • How to connect using today technology
  • Conversation, Conversation, Conversation is KEY!

Is this relationships more important that WE work than if  I get my way?  important question to ask. Ask Susie: What about role models in the type of marriage relationships?   I like my parents relationship, Is it okay to want to emulate their relationships as I look for a romantic relationships. What are the things that you love about their relationships you admire? YES, role models are key.

  • Be aware of Traits you  like or want in your relationships
  • Things that we want to emulate, while letting each person be their own self
  • Long term relationships took a while to shape each other! Be aware of the growth that takes time.
  • Seek to be honest about what you want and need as an entrepreneur

Connect with Ace at: http://www. @acechapman Links Mentioned: Susie’s book: Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!