Your Last HOPE for Health!Better Relationship Podcast Episode #003:

The Last HOPE for Health with Guest Dr. Carri Drzyzga

Show Notes:

Dr. Carri Drzyzga, The Functional Medicine Doc, of, takes the puzzle pieces of your health issues then figures out and fixes the root cause to help people feel normal again.

  • Functional medicine is not a band aid solution
  • Functional medicine is often where people turn when all else fails.
  • Health impacts every area of life, and poor health has a radical effect on work, life and relationships

Susie shares her story about her own 12 year journey with chronic illness, and how it negatively impacted her work, family life, relationships, spouse, kids, and friends

  • Getting at the root cause, treating it with natural methods such as diet, exercise sleep, herbs and supplements Dr. Carri helps people achieve a whole new standard of health.
  • Dr. Carri doesn’t shun traditional medicine, but discusses the limitations of medially driven treatment intervention vs proactive natural medicine prevention.
  • It’s not in your head! Work on you mindset, yes! But sickness is real!

Her move to functional medicine was driven by her patients who weren’t getting better.

Relationship drove her choices.  I love this! As functional medicine is responsible for a great number of my health advances.

Health Impacts Relationships:

No one wants an average marriage but often allow stress and health issues impact it.

  • Hope for restored health is priceless
  • Health care is expensive. Band-Aid medicine costs more money over them than Functional Medicine.
  • Health cannot be bought- must do the work to get and stay well
  • Good health is essential to good relationships!

Marriage & Entrepreneurship:

Both she and her husband came from entrepreneurial families, so they saw it work in other relationships in their lives- looked to that model for insights and help.

  • Expected flexibility, emergencies, delays are a given in private practice
  • Common understanding of challenges of being an entrepreneur
  • Conversation about what it means to have both balance and help their clients.

Boundaries:  how do they implement them? 

  • self-care
  • Spouse time – set aside time for dinner conversation/ connect intentionally
  • family time
  • shut down entrepreneurial mode
  • Distinction between business owner and entrepreneur

Super Health Tip for Better Health and Relationships!

Change your life doing this ONE thing!!

Sleep is key! Sleep is crucial for health of your mind, body and relationships!!

  • Better ideas
  • Better relationships

How to get the BEST sleep EVER!  (not longer sleep but Deeper!!)

More melatonin = more margin, deepest REM sleep, increase creativity, energy, problem solving, patience, focus abilities AND your relationships!

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