Spoiler alert…

Fairy Tales are fake! Just like there are no fairies, no pixie dust, the perfect marriage is a fairy tale!

Marriage with NO struggle, no conflict or disappointment is hogwash.

Marriage is 2 different people coming together to create one unit.  Merging, matching, compromising – all hard things – so the idea of Happily Ever After  with no struggle, conflict or disappointment is a the great marraige hoax!

I am a huge fan of “Mostly Happily Ever After!” and have equippped hundreds of couples to create a strong, fulfilling, and fun marriage.

In todays episode, I give an overview of my 5 Part Marriage MBA framework to help you build a better marriage.

High performing entrepreneurs, executives, athletes who are married,  juggle two passions – business/career & marriage – and that’s before kids.

My 5 part framework equips you to create a thriving marriage while being successful in business!

  1. Clarity
  2. Communication
  3. Conflict Navigation
  4. Connection
  5. Commitment

I discuss each one and give you an actionable tip to begin creating a better, stronger, more fulfilling marriage today! And in the next 5 episodes, I’ll dive deeper into each of these 5 parts to equip you to succeed in marriage.

Plus there is a download of some Fast & Fun Conversation Starters for easy peasy enjoyable conversations to connect with your spouse.