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Tim Templeton, bestselling author of The Referral of a Lifetime, shares insider tips for creating powerful relationships that yield success in business and fulfillment in life.  As an experienced business coach and speaker, Tim helps others reach their goals and personal potential in business. He outlines his 5 point system for gaining referrals for a lifetime so you never have to cold call again.


Tim shares:

  •  A lifetime lesson from his first job in a shoe store that shaped his work and writing on referrals.
  • How to harness the power of your database to never cold call again.
  • Strategy for consistent & systematic communication with clients.
  • Steps to overcome your fear of asking for referrals.
  • How to effortlessly educate your clients to become your brand ambassadors

Ultimately, Tim says, “It’s all about the relationships you build. If you put relationship before money & business in every occasion you will create referrals for a lifetime.

Connect with Tim:

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Tim Templeton is a veteran executive, entrepreneur, consultant, international best-selling author and speaker. A life-long learner, Tim has found his passion serving Consulting Gold’s clients and has incorporated his unique abilities into his daily duties.

Tim’s books include The Referral of a Lifetime—The Ken Blanchard Series, 2nd Edition (2016), The Recognized Authority (2016), Always Positive in Your Business and the main contributor on the text; The Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

Tim manages a virtual team of project managers for Consulting Gold‘s clients. Tim also hosts Consulting Gold Nation, a weekly video podcast featuring interviews with leading authors, game changers and best in class service providers.

Tim manages and continues to write, speak, consult and create for his clients and followers – from the center of his experience and heart. Tim resides in San Diego, Ca. When he is not writing or coaching, he enjoys spending time with his family, close friends and his dog – George.


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