Nichole Kellerman Wurth

Better Relationship Podcast Episode #007

“Weight Loss is Easy!” with Nichole Kellerman Wurth

How our Relationships with our bodies Impact Everything (even weight loss!)

Podcast Audio & Show Notes Episode #007

Nichole Kellerman Wurth believes that losing weight is easy! The world and media have it wrong when it comes to weight loss. The way we view our bodies impacts our relationship with ourselves and others! Living wildly alive, relaxing, letting go of control and being kind to your body are the secret to weight loss. “When we feel fabulous and we make healthier decisions,” says Nichole.  This is part of what makes it easy to lose weight! Nichole shares some some great tips for easy and sane view of our bodies and weight loss!  Plus we chat about how to shift your relationship with your body, so your relationships with yourself, others, AND your business improve!!

Learn to accept your body and have some fun losing weight!!

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