BRP-006- alison pena

Unlock the Code to Attracting and Creating Affluence! with Alison Pena

Podcast Audio & Show Notes: Episode #006

Do you equate Affluence with financial wealth? Do you believe Affluence is only for the chosen few or difficult to attain? Do you want more Affluence in your life but have little to no idea how to get it?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, Alison Pena, Your Affluence Catalyst, wants to help you create and attract Affluence in your life and enjoy Love AND Money!  Alison shares how our relationship with ourselves is the beginning of Affluence and offers tips and strategies to shift our mindsets to create congruence and enjoy affluence in our lives.

Allison fascinated with how money and affluence impact our view of possibility and success. Growing up in a wealthy family, Alison was oblivious that others lived in a dramatically different reality. Her mindset shifted after a life changing encounter in Harlem. Alison shares how our relationship with ourselves, others, and our business is dramatically impacted by our view and understanding of affluence.  She gives practical tips and advice on how to shift our thinking to attract and create affluence and ease in our lives, work, and relationships.

Alison’s interview shifted my mindset about Affluence, and is a MUST listen for ALL Entrepreneurs who want more!


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